Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wonderful, Frustrating Vermont

Vermonster . . . King Arthur Flour . . . Calvin Coolidge . . . Gardeners' Supply . . . and now, Terry!

I received their catalogue in the mail yesterday (probably because I belong to the Adventure Cycling Association).  OMGoodness!  I cannot believe how much I love their products!  Stinkin' Vermont.  Stop being filled with goodness.  I'm on the verge of forgiving you for Howard Dean.

These are the cutest cycling clothes I have ever seen.  I am tickled by all the skirts and dresses offered -- 'cuz cycle chicks need to be pretty, too, as well as awesome.  And get this: open-toed pumps that are designed for biking!  Really!

Terry is making it totally easy to sell my car next month and be bike-a-licious all the time.  Bring it on!

Update: Of course, lest you think that Vermont is too cool, you come across articles like this.  Aargh!


Justine said...

vm -- don't know why Blogger eats your comments, but I appreciate your "you're welcome" on behalf of all the cool things (seemingly more every day) about Vermont. I need to visit again -- and will!

Now, how about those bicycling pumps? I mean -- awesome, right?

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