Monday, April 16, 2012

Now, What Was I Supposed to Do on April 18? If, Indeed, I Was Supposed to Do Anything.

Ever just had a date moseying along mid-air above the synapse trail?  Hovering sinisterly amidst the grey matter?  Just a date and a feeling that something important was either going to happen on that date or you were supposed to do something important on that date or . . .??  April 18 is my such date.  Why on earth do I feel a sense of dread and immediacy when I contemplate that date?  Like I really, really need to either do something or have something happen on that date.  Hmmm . . .

Library book due?  No.
Bill to pay?  No.
Writing deadline to meet?  No.
Playdate set up?  No.
Am I taking a trip?  No.
Is Jason taking a trip?  No.
Did I promise to do something for someone on that day?  Maybe; but, who knows what that something is? Certainly not I.

Anybody have any suggestions to jog my prematurely senile memory?  Help!

Hooray!  Just remembered that I needed to put together the donation box for the charity pick-up on April 18!  Thank goodness that's solved.  Now, where are my car keys . . .

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