Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm All In For Mitt!

A little late to the {grand old} party, I know.  While dear friends were putting their necks on the line for candidates long ago, I vacillated in the quagmire. Such a dearth of choices for the GOP!  How is a girl to choose?  Oy.  Up until September 2011, I fully expected to go booster-to-the-extreme for Sarah Palin's candidacy.  My heart broke and my interest waned on the day she announced a no-go.  Then, I went all Pontius Pilate -- washing my hands of any involvement with this primary. 

Soon after, though,  I started to have dreams about Mitt Romney.  Not sexy dreams.  Just stop it.  Nor dreams wherein your house has turned into a jungle and you have to swing on vines to get to your kitchen.  No, just dreams where I met him and he was nice.  Genuine.  Good guy.  I awoke each time feeling rather Mittish.  In one dream in particular, I remember that I was eating breakfast at IHOP and Mitt was there, too.  Then, something terrible happened (shooting?  terrorism?) and the restaurant was in lockdown.  Mitt said, "Let's pass the time by singing hymns."  He led the way with a stirring rendition of "Then Sings My Soul."

If you love the Lord, you have to put at least a little credence in the power of dreams.  Dreams of significance and their waking partners, visions, are peppered throughout our sacred texts.  Maybe the old women will be dreamers of dreams, as well?  I don't know.  But, those dreams helped me at least get used to the idea of a candidate for whom I had hitherto had little to no interest. 

I have since found many things that I love about Mitt.  Mostly having to do with his marriage with the estimable, gracious, and lovely Ann.  I adore Ann Romney.  Did you know she is a Grand Prix level dressage rider?  Suh-weet!  I used to ride dressage in my teens.  I only showed at level one; but, I was working on level two tests when my dressage horse developed laminitis and had to be put down.  I love dressage! Some may have danced ballet on stage in their teen years . . . I danced ballet on horseback in mine.  ;-)

Most of my hesitation about Gov. Romney had to do with his personality (i.e., did he have one?) rather than with his policy positions.  I'm totally GOP.  I cannot find any plank in the Democrats' platform that I can even half agree with.  Even a Democrat idea that might sound reasonable is always followed up with the implied or stated addendum: And so the government should . . .  That is their one-trick pony -- and, horse lover though I am, that pony should be euthanized.  It broke its legs back in the 1930's and its neck in the 1960's.  Put the poor beast down.

So, I am all in for Mitt.  Frankly, I would have been all in for any Republican at this point.  Even Newt (pace, Flicka).  Pro-life, pro-business, pro-family, pro-freedom.  That's my GOP.  And, I just donated to Mitt's campaign today to be entered in a drawing to have a meal with Ann the Awesome.  Hope I win!

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