Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Vacation -- And, Yes, Everybody Cleans Behind Their Refrigerator, Right?

Jason and Sadie have run off to join the circus.  Sort of.  They're in Sioux Falls for the week, working at the Shrine Circus and hanging out with Jason's parents.  They're also taking in a Brian Regan show while they're out there.  And I am at home having my vacation.  Spring cleaning!

Everyone cleans behind their refrigerator, right?  I asked Jason to help me move it out yesterday before I took them to the airport so that I could get behind it.  The act of pulling the fridge forward caused a water line to crack and, behold, water started spraying everywhere.  Jason immediately attributed this ill-timed catastrophe to my insatiable cleaning habits.  "Oh, you just had to clean behind the fridge!"  "Don't you blame me," I retorted with fire in my eyes, "everybody cleans behind the fridge!"  Luckily, we have a separate water shut off for the refrigerator, so Jason was able to make it to the airport on time with very little fear that I would return to a flooded kitchen.  The plumber came, pulled the line and capped it, and it is all good.  $200 worth of clean refrigerator space good.

And, in the end, I was able to clean out the rest of the kitchen yesterday, too.  The cupboards got it inside and out.  Cookbook shelves are spotless.  The kitchen table gleams.  I was a little disappointed that my kitchen was not nearly as filthy as I had anticipated.  I guess I'm always finding time to dump and scrub and re-order in there.  But, that's OK.  I can console myself with many, many other projects in my dear, little house.

Today, I shall clean the walls of our vaulted ceiling living room.  They are covered with soot from innumerable fires during the winter and the candles that I burn incessantly year-round. Yech.  Also, we never painted our baseboards after we had the floors redone in 2008 -- and you know how impossible it is to keep unpainted baseboards clean -- so out comes the paint!  Ooh, and closet clean-outs are on the horizon!  And gardening!  I just love my alone time, don't you?

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