Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Make Way for Ducklings!

Casual query to spouse: "How much trouble would I be in if you came home one day and we had a couple ducklings living in our house?"

Spouse's reply: "You wouldn't be in any trouble at all.  Ducklings are cute."

And, really, that was all it took.  You see, we live in a restricted area for livestock.  Draconian HOA by-laws have put the unequivocal kibosh on all sorts of poultry.  Boo and hiss.  BUT, I found a website from which one can order Mallard ducklings.  Now, Mallards are common in our area (aren't they common everywhere?).  Should a mating pair take up residence in our backyard, who could accuse us of violating the homeowners' covenant?  Nobody need ever know that they were hand-raised in our house for 4 months before quacking about our property.  Nobody need ever know that they imprinted on us as giant, wingless duck parents.  Ha!

And the bonus of ducks is this:  they are apparently excellent property protectors.  Not that they'd stop a home invasion; but, there is this little dust mop of a yappy neighbor dog that makes its nasty presence known and felt in our backyard daily.  I think that watching a couple ducks chase it off our property -- preferrably with many gleeful nips on its tail (see: Angus and the Ducks) -- would pretty much be the bomb-diggetty!

Double bonus is this:  this foray into fowl fun will be a test case of baby bird care for when I finally commence my underground chicken ranching.  Oh, it's gonna be so sweet!

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Justine said...

HI. I'm the writers daughter and I second the idea of ducks nippin' that annoying dust mop.Boy, do I miss the owners first dog.