Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Top Pot

I just received a mid-year notification from Map My Run that, so far, in 2013 I have logged 232 workouts on 49 different routes for a total distance of 1,002.6 miles over the course of 192.5 hours and have burned  95,662 calories.  That last figure would be more impressive if I had not countered it proactively by eating all and then some of those calories back in the form of Top Pot Doughnuts.

Ah, Top Pot -- that glorious palindrome that represents all that is delicious and unholy in deep fried pastry.  Better than Tim Horton's (sorry, Canada); better than Krispy Kreme. Simply, the BEST doughnuts ever.  And now, for the rest of the summer, I must bid them "good-bye."

Why?  Because I am in training for this marathon thingy in Sioux Falls, SD in September.  And, I want to lose another 10 pounds before running it, as every pound of weight you carry becomes four pounds worth of pressure on knees and ankles when you run.  I really do not want to train my heart out and then come up injured before the run (as almost happened to me before the half-marathon in Seattle last November).  So, sadly, I say Auf Wiedersehen, Top Pot; implicit in which expression is the promise that I will be back come the post-September 8 world.


Anonymous said...

You are a beast!

Anonymous said...

Jason needs to devise some kind of "Map My Novel" program similar to "Map My Run" and you'd have a library written lickety-split!

Justine said...

Brilliant idea, you completely anonymous person you! "Map My Novel" . . . that really might actually work!

Y. O. M. said...

AHA! Holding back, eh? How come multiple trips to the PNW have yielded ZERO Top Pot delights for yours truly? Where do you think you got your doughnut gene from?
Alas, "How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is..."

BUT...you may redeem yourself this Holiday Season: I'm partial to glazed, if I can't get powdered.

Your Old Man