Monday, May 06, 2013

Bellis Perennis (Canis Optima!)

Otherwise known as the common daisy, Bellis Perennis has become the first nickname of our not-so-common Daisy, the newest member of the family!

Yesterday, we welcomed one brown-eyed, wet-nosed, two-year-old into our home for a trial 2-week adoption.  But, we do not need 2 weeks to know if this is the ONE.  She just so totally is.

Behold the cuteness of Daisy Girl:
Sadie is now, officially, the happiest girl in all the realm.  And I am now, officially, the most vacuuming-est mom that has ever been.  My new scourge: dog hair. Ah well, the things you do for love.


vermonster said...

What a sweetie! I can imagine that she has one and all wrapped around her little tail!

Try the Pledge Pet Hair sweeper, we use it for our cat (tons of black hair) and it works great on the couch!

Justine said...

Hi VM! I do not know why your comments sometimes do not post here -- far NW discrimination against far NE ISP's? Anyway, I've imported in your comment from e-mail.

Whoo-wee -- having a dog is hard! Nothing like having a dog around to realize how much you're a cat person! Ha! Ha! She's sweet, but I'm beat. It's like having a baby or toddler around, but one that will never grow up and be able to care for its own bathroom needs or learn to communicate in English. Sadie is thrilled, though, so we grimly carry on.

I envy you your nice puss-ums, though.

Will take your Pledge Pet Hair sweeper advice. I also got a cordless Eureka vac, which I use about 3 - 4 times a day on the entire upstairs. Works well, but I'm still going crazy out here! Persnickety housewives like me were not made to dwell with big, ol' shedding dogs. Of course, most peoples' advice has been, "Lower your standards." As if!

Sadie is thrilled, though, so we grimly carry on ...