Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy "Independence" Day!

From the creative folks at, via Mollie Hemingway at Ricochet:

A lot of American principle is contained in the two words: "Just don't." Much of the rest is encompassed by the suggestion of minding one's own business. The whole is summed up in the word "liberty."
--Isabel Paterson


Joelle said...

Hey Justine! It is good to see you are still blogging. Your new dog is adorable. As someone who now has 2 indoor cats (mine and watching a sister's) as well as a small dog that comes and goes, I feel your pet hair woes. lol

Anyway, I was thinking of you again this morning (you've been on my mind lately) so thought I'd pop by. I admit I don't get on blogs much anymore, and unless I can sign up for them to come to my email they just aren't on my radar.

How are you guys doing? How is Sadie? Hard to believe it has been 8 years since I've seen you guys. :) I hope you are well! I know I'm not around much, but I do think of you fondly and am grateful God put you in my life.

Did you ever see The Lizzie Bennett Diaries on YouTube? It was a modern re-telling of Pride and Prejudice and was a lot of fun. Just wondered if you'd come across it, since I always think of you when I think of Jane Austen. :)

Anyway, I'm off to get busy with the kiddos.



Justine said...

Hi Joelle! Everything is fine here. Hope all is well on your end, too! Give me a call whenever you have a moment, and we'll catch up. If you don't have my number anymore, e-mail me at Blessings back atcha!