Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just Putting it Out There

You know that intimate impersonality of the blog and social media worlds?  How you can know someone's politics, their religious views, what they ate for dinner last Thursday, but still not have a clue about some of the deeper aspects of their character, behavior, and values?  Well, in an unprecedented move, I am making a bold proclamation to bridge the gap on Trivialities between the known and the unknown.  I am pulling back the curtain a little today, to expose for public approval or censure a crucial component to my philosophical standings.  Yes, I am a cyber-pioneer of sorts.  Thanks for noticing.

So, here it is.  I'm just putting it out there.  Judge me as you will.

Indeed, we are the sort of family who puts our rabbits on leashes and takes them for walkies (hoppies?).

Whew.  I know I feel relieved to get that out there.  


Vermonster said...

Oh my gosh! Rabbit jacket/harness?? I bet he/she loves it..the feel of the tender grass under it's paws.
That's such a great picture of Sadie and Bun-Bun :)

Arielle said...

Those are very nice pictures Justine. Cute subjects. ;)

And... wow that grass is gloriously green!

Justine said...

I know, it's almost like "The Quiet Man" sort of green! It's new, so it hasn't had time yet to be beaten down by the exertions of 2 kids and 2 rabbits (not to mention the loathsome deer). We'll see it in August.

We loves our buns 'round here.

Hope you're enjoying the beginnings of a beautiful summer, ladies, in your respective parts of the country. Got your postcard, vm -- thanks so much -- and I am SO envious!! Now I want to go bake some bread . . .

Joelle said...

Cuteness! :)

kadie said...

Bahahaha. That's so cute...and makes me giggle too :)