Friday, June 10, 2011

Good Morning!

Well, I'm trying out running again.  Ugh.  I hate it so.  And, I just found out by driving the route this morning, my 2-mile circuit is really only 1.7 miles.  So, now I feel a whole heck of a lot less self-righteous.  Boo-hoo!

So, I'm sitting next to a bubbling aquarium with 2 Bullfrog tadpoles this morning.  Well, one's a tadpole, the other a froglet with wee little legs poking out the back.  They're pretty cool.

Got our 2 Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.  They are lovely!  Sadle-the-Ladle had one crawling all over her yesterday, which she said was "tickly, but awesome!"  They have not hissed at us yet; I think they were well-handled by their breeders.  And, if any giant, gruesome-looking tropical insects could ever be called "cute," these are they.

To complete the enumeration of our personal Animal Kingdom: 5 caterpillars in Sadie's room; 8 ladybug larvae; 2 pods of Praying Mantis eggs waiting to hatch with 100-200 mantis nymphs in each; 2 bunnies in the backyard; 1 cat in the basement; 1 horse at the ranch.  What a menagerie!

Underground Chicken Ranching is still on my agenda.  Totally taboo in our uptight neighborhood (boo that HSA); but, our Cambodian neighbors have a stealth chicken, and I want one, too.  Actually, I want three: 1 New Hampshire Red, 1 Australorp; 1 Plymouth Barred Rock.  My poor husband just shakes his head and dreams of the day his trucking career will take him far from home many days of the month.  He is not so much the animal guy.

So, why did I need to sit and write about animals this morning?  I suspect it has something to do with my being laced up in my running shoes and looking for any way to put off the inevitable.  I hate running.  Pbbbbbbllt!  Adieu!


Joelle said...

Argh! Ate my comment. :(

Good for you doing the running! I couldn't do 1/2 mile, let alone 1.7 miles. :)

And your menagerie sounds like fun, though I'm still not so sure about the roaches. lol Hopefully you will be able to get your stealth chicken(s). :) That is one nice thing about living in an area without restrictions. My mom is currently working on building a chicken tractor (movable coop & run) for the six hens she has staying at a friend's place.

Justine said...

Yay for your mom! I totally picture her with chickens!

Running has gotten better since I changed my pace-keeping chant from "I hate this . . . I hate this" to "Yes, Lord;, yes, Lord; yes, yes Lord!" I still hate it, though. Figured out how to get it up to 2 miles, so I'm back to the self-satisfied declaration of "my two mile run." Real runners tell me that running doesn't get fun until you hit the 3-mile mark. Whatever. LOL!

The hissing cockroaches had babies!!! Oy vey! So, now I have desperate calls into local zoos and science centers to see if any of them would be interested in about 40 tiny MHC's. Sheesh!

Hope you're having a great summer! Hot out there in the south? We had our first day of 80 deg. yesterday; back to barely 70 today.

Jo said...

I am laughing so hard over your roaches having babies. :D :D That is what roaches do!!! Eat, breed, repeat. lol Hopefully you'll find places to take them. Are you going to put them in separate homes now to prevent future "litters?"

(My mom was drawn by my cackles of laughter and she suggested offering them on Craigslist. I can see the listing now "Free roaches, come and get 'em!" LOL)

Wow, I am jealous of your weather. :( Actually, we've done pretty well here. Being on the mountain we stay 5-10 degrees cooler than the valley. It was 90 in the valley and 81 here a couple days ago. Since we don't have A/C, that is a good thing, or it would be too miserable to do anything but whine. ;)

I love your mantra change! All about the attitude. :) And I'm proud of you for keeping up with it despite hating it.

Jo said...

Jo & Joelle are the same, just FYI. lol

Justine said...

At least with the warmer temps ya gotta get pretty delicious tomatoes! My tomatoes out here always look depressed (maybe it's because the deer come and chomp them occasionally); but, I keep growing them because I cannot get out of my head what a really delicious homegrown tomato tastes like. I bet it's so beautiful up in the mountains. I think, given a choice of any landscape in which to plop my form, mountains would win every time.

It's a rainy, cold day today. And I'm about to go for another run. I mostly do it so I can keep fitting into my riding boots.

Stupid cockroaches! Looks like the Woodland Park Zoo may take them. "Eat, breed, repeat." Aren't you correct! LOL! But why in the world did the company send me a mating pair??!!

Joelle said...

I LOVE homegrown tomatoes. Our plants are really loaded with them, hopefully we'll have ripe ones in the next week. Mmmmm!

Our mountain is a pretty small one - about 2000 ft above sea level. It's more of a plateau on top - you can't even tell you are on a mountain once you are up here. But it IS very pretty farm country. :)

Did you call the company to complain? I would have been insisting they take the offspring back! lol