Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today's Dream

You know how every so often a conversation with a friend will turn all dreamy and abstract and wander into the realm of "supposes"?  Suppose you knew you had only 24 hours left to live; what would you do?  Suppose you were dictator of the world; what would you command?  Suppose you had a hundred million dollars; how would you spend it?  And my favorite: suppose you had the talent and training to do exceptionally well one thing;  what would you do?

Usually, to this latter, I answer, "Oh, I would love to be a singer/songwriter, just like one of my heroes, Carolyn Arends."  Other times, in a more literary frame of mind, I'll say, "I sure would like to write novels as well as Jane Austen or Flicka Spumoni."  Occasionally, my more spiritual side will peek through and I'll muse, "I would love to worship the Lord as wholly and beautifully as Pam Summers." 

But today . . . today I would answer, "I would be a Fosse dancer."     


Vermonster said...

jazz hands!

Justine said...

Jazz hands=heh-heh-heh! White gloves and a bowler for me, eh?

Joelle said...

I'd like to be a dancer of any kind, I think. But Fosse dancers ARE very cool. :)