Saturday, July 31, 2010

WA Senate Race! Whoo-Hoo!

Why in the world have I received my mail-in ballot for the upcoming state-wide primaries when I have not yet received my Voter's Pamphlet?  While I was marking my choice of Dino Rossi to replace the worthless Patty Murray, my eyes traveled up the list of candidates to see that my old friends Goodspaceguy and Mike the Mover are back on the ballot.  Oh, Dino, what should I do? 

Of course, I will vote for Dino Rossi -- our best chance to unseat the bovine Murray in November.  But, as I was just reminded in moving my old Singing Sparrow stuff over to Adorable Trivialities, much mirth and hilarity can be extracted from the WA Voter's Pamphlet.  How strange that the ballot should have arrived before it!  Were I Mike the Mover or Goodspaceguy, I should surely cry "Foul!" -- as how many ballots will be reflexively marked by those of a Democratic turn for the dull, blank mind of Patty Murray, when there are far more interesting views and positions held by MTM and GSG lurking twixt the pages of the pamphlet?  Any discerning voter will want to be fully informed.  What's the deal King County Department of Elections?  Afraid that your witless darling will be overshadowed by the sheer awesome intellectual heft of Mike the Mover?  Afraid that your vacuous pet will be out of her depth in the crucial subject of intergalactic diplomacy when matched with Goodspaceguy?  What are you hiding?

Washington deserves better than the vapidity of Patty Murray.  We (and the U.S.) desperately need the level-headed, common-sense conservatism of Dino Rossi, and we're lucky that he has chosen to run.  Thanks, Dino! 

UPDATE:  Received my Voter's Pamphlet in the mail today! Let the hilarity ensue!  (Actually -- frighteningly -- Goodspaceguy has some good ideas.)  Now, where is my Dino Rossi bumper sticker I requested?

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