Monday, July 26, 2010

A Sparrow Falls

I have decided not to renew my domain account with Go Daddy this year.  I almost never use it, and rarely think of it.  So, The Singing Sparrow will be no more.  I have transferred the published posts from the blog there to Adorable Trivialities, and you can find them all published here on July 1, 2010.

Thanks to all who came by and read my stuff on that site and took the time to make comments.  I appreciate you.  Your comments have, unfortunately, not been saved in the transfer to this blog; but, feel free to re-read and re-comment, if you'd like.

And thank you to all who continue to make it here and read the new stuff (such as it is) and make comments.  I treasure your readership and contributions.  I came back from Barnabas a-rarin' to write, so look for more content soon.  It may never get back up to 2005/2006 levels, but it will get better.

Blessings and gratitude to all!

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