Sunday, October 08, 2006

My New Wallpaper

Jason put up a new wallpaper on our computer's desktop -- a fact that interests no one but me; however, this picture is too cool to remain veiled from the world at large so I am posting it here for the general edification of the masses (my five remaining stalwart blog readers -- I love you guys!).

Behold! Here are two of the world's finest music makers, and one very accomplished general noise maker at a CPC fundraising dinner on September 23, 2006 in Coquitlam, BC. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Carolyn Arends, Spencer Capier, and that Meck Creature of a Child herself, Sadie Bug:

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kadie ensley said...

Aha! I knew that girl of yours was growing like a weed! I suspected that when i finally got to see you guys again I wouldn't recognize her! Now she's traveling around as a memember of Carolyn's entourage!
Heehee! Love you, Justine and can't wait to catch up with you guys! I wonder if Sadie even remembers her Auntie and Unkie?