Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Birthday, Flicka!

I have good reason to believe that Flicka Spumoni's birthday is occuring today. A happy, blessed birthday to her! As fine a writer as she is, of course, ageless -- existing on a separate parallel outside of time where every mark with keyboard or pen leaves an indelible stamp on eternity.

I do not know much about Flicka, but everything I do know makes me wish to know more.

She is as gifted a writer as you could hope to find and I trust that we'll all soon be saying to our local newspapers, "Why, (Flicka Spumoni)? Of course! Well, you see, I've known her since the blogging days . . ." as we bask a bit in her reflected authorial glory.

Check out the "placeholder" page that I made for her at 43 People. It's nice to have someone on my list there who is still alive and kickin'. (I tend to like far too many people from the past, but, really, looking at so many of the people of today, can you blame me? All dear readers of Musings are excluded from that general censure.)

Happy B-Day, Lower Great Lakes Lady!


Flicka Spumoni said...

Justine!!!! Now *I'm* beet red from my neck up.

Thank you so much. That was a sweet birthday surprise. I saw it after I came home from small group and put the kids to bed. And yes, yesterday was my birthday. I'm exactly on month in front of and several years behind you.

I love the pictures. What's funny to me is you have a picture of my very favorit Spumoni, Leeza. It comes in a small container and you cut the sides away to pop out the frozen dessert. It's yummy. I ate tubs and tubs druing my second pregnancy.

Thank you. God bless.

Flicka Spumoni said...

"Leeza" shoud be "Lezza".

Serena said...

Wow, that your birthday is on the 13th, Flicka. I was born on a Friday the 13th myself 51 years ago in the spring. I have 2 children who also were born on the 13th in different months. I think it is cool having a birthday on Friday the 13th. It is a great day. A belated "Happy Birthday" from me.

And a "hi" to Justine. I'm taking a bit of time today to catch up on my blogging friends. Don't really have the time since I'm still settling (about 85% done) and leaving Wed to see that new baby in Florida (the rest of the family, too).

Love and shalom,

Anonymous said...

How would one go about finding this "lezza"? It looks yummy...

I'll have to pop by Flicka's blog and leave a belated "Happy Birthday". =)

Flicka Spumoni said...


I think there is something about that whole "13" thing. Maybe that's why I like your family so much.

Flicka Spumoni said...


Are you still doing that diet/accountability thing? I've recently put on about (gulp, choke, sputter) 15 pounds and I'm disgusted. I can't zip up the jeans. Bummer. So anyway - I'm bringing my body under submission once again. It would be nice to have an accountability buddy. Let me know.

Justine said...

Alas, poor "Jenny!" I knew her, Flickratio.

Yes, technically, Who Needs Jenny? is still up and running, though I haven't posted anything to it since August.

BUT! I always need to get back up on that horse, and I always need help being accountable. In fact, I'm kind of depressed about our Vegas trip (we leave Thursday), because I am not the svelte, sexy temptress I thought I'd be by now. It's all my own fault, of course, but STILL.

Anyway, I'll e-mail you an invitation to join up. A leeeetle birdie told me that, though she hasn't posted anything about it on "Jenny," Miss Joelle is the workout queen lately, burning up all kinds of calories (wish I could send her some of mine to burn).

It always seems to get down to those favorite pair of jeans, doesn't it? They are indeed the measure by which our flab tolerance is meted.

I do not think I've ever really had spumoni. Maybe a taste or two over the years, but never a full-fledged helping. It's weird because, though my mother's family is all Italian-American, there were some Italian dishes they simply did not prepare or consume. Another of these is lasagna. I never ate lasagna growing up! I ate several times my weight over in pizzelles, though. I'll have to seek out some lezza and get in touch with my inner-*insert-your-favorite-affectionately-derogatory-name-for-Italians-here*.

I was born on Friday the 13th, too! I want in on the coolness stats.