Monday, May 08, 2006


My cable and Internet were out for five days. But I did not care, because . . .


Charles T. Chevy (aka Charlie) is my 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier that has been in the almost exclusive possession of Jason for the past three years. This past weekend, Jason bought his first new car, a Ford Fusion, and I re-took usage of my Charlie. And, believe me, I am as excited as if I had been the one to get the new car myself!

Freedom -- sweet, sweet freedom!

This is a grand and glorious day. Now, to put in some Carolyn Arends tunes, roll down the windows (the air conditioner has been broken since 2001), and cruise in the sunny beauty of my Northwest roaming area.

Peace and happy driving to all!


vermonster said...

Since I'm getting ready for a road trip I feel your joy!! Now, don't forget...

"It shouldn't be half this hard
To get you, me and a Texaco card
On the open road with the windows down
And the radio up and the wheels going 'round
Well I've got the want and I've got the drive..."

Have fun, road warrior!

CrazyJo said...

You are in the perfect part of the country for having no A/C. In Florida it was such a pain to have to drive a car like that.
Love the name Charlie. Too bad my hubby doesn't, I'd name our next boy that.

Birdie said...


Eaglewood still has my van. I'm hoping his car will soon be repaired.

Amigo said...

I too was thinking that you live in an area where being without AC is not a complete curse.

Glad to read you got your wheels back. Of course, Al Gore believes you throw the earth out of balance.

Justine said...

Yeah . . . we can get away without air conditioning up here just about all the time (and when you DON'T have it, you DO live without it), but, on those sixty-five days a year when the temps creep up past 80, you're just spoiled enough to want it. I'm getting the A/C fixed next week (and the locks too, where thieves broke in and stole our stereo -- TWICE!), and my Charlie'll be almost like new.

Thanks for the well-wishes. Al Gore can stuff it -- I bet Tipper never walked everywhere for three years with their kids. Charlie gets over 25 miles per gallon still, and he is green, after all.

The nicest part is not having to get up early to take Jason to work simply to have a car for the day.