Sunday, April 16, 2006

Still Empty!

The Tomb is Still Empty!
Christ is Risen Indeed.
Oh my friend won't you join the chorus --
Singing praise to the Son?
From the day that He laid His life down for us,
The battle was already won!
Raise your banners high! Praises fill the sky!
Mountains tremble and fall!
Hallelujah, sing glory to the King --
Lord Creator of all!
Well, the battle is already won,
And the race has already been run,
It's all been done, you just gotta claim the victory.
And the future is already made,
The foundation was totally laid,
When He paid the ugly, bloody price for you and me.
Oh my friend, have you heard the story,
What my Jesus has done?
He'll return in triumphant glory,
For the battle is already won!
-- Keith Green and Wendell Burton, "The Battle is Already Won"
Peace and joy in the glorious Resurrection to all who visit here!

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Carole said...

That's beautiful, Justine. Thanx!