Friday, April 07, 2006

Long Live the King!

This is shameless and a wee bit silly, but, obviously, I do not care. My favorite sit-com is in trouble; CBS is hesitating to sign it for next season. Yes, I am talking about "The King of Queens," starring Kevin James and Leah Remini. There is so much sameness and me-too-ism and banality on network television. "The King of Queens" is a unique offering of pure comedy -- non-political, clean, quirky fun!

Away with the endless dramas about lawyers, cops, crime-scene investigators, and doctors! Away with copycat reality shows that, with few exceptions, only serve to showcase the more debased side of human nature! We need to save good, old-fashioned comedy.

So, I am asking all who visit here, whether by design or by accident, to sign this online petition, please:

Save The King of Queens!

If you like me, but do not care about the show, please sign. If you do not like me, but care about the show, please sign. If you're rather lukewarm on either me or the show, please sign. It's free, and it takes but a moment.

I really appreciate your help!


Andrea said...

Signed it!

This is one of our favorite shows and I had no idea it was in danger of cancellation. That would suck :(

They at least deserve the chance to have a proper series finale!

Billy D said...

Don't worry, I think this is a money thing. They've got nothing else of that caliber. One or two more years though, max.

Flicka Spumoni said...

I'll sign. I both like you (a lot) and the show. In fact, my husband and I LOVE the show. We think her father in-law (forgive me, I'm drawing a complete blank on everyone's name) is the greatest. My husband thinks the wife looks a lot like me (but I'm much better looking, he tells me. That a-boy!) and acts just like me. (What? What? I'm nice.)

Do you remember the episode where doug and her father get her drunk every night after work because they like her better that way? Classic! My husband and I love it.

CrazyJo said...

I signed! I don't get to see it regularly, but it's a show I'd like to keep around to give me a chance. :)
Plus I like you a lot.... ;)