Friday, March 10, 2006

My Dream Car

So, what's your dream car? Do you drive it now? Is it a distant dream? Do you not even care about cars enough to have a dream car?

I usually fall into the latter category. I've had my Chevrolet Cavalier since 1996, and I've never really lusted after another automobile. But, lately, as our car turns ten this autumn, I've been thinking about a new set of wheels. Jason gets to pick out a car first, since he has not had his "own" car for about eight years, and he's a car guy, anyway. But, when we are able to afford two cars for our family, my dream car is becoming more and more a ...

Volkswagen Beetle!

Yep, call me a goofy hippie chick, but I love the whole aura of casual fun and not-taking-oneself-too-seriously that this jaunty little car evokes. As the sheik said in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, "And I even like the color." That would be "Sunflower Yellow," in case you are curious!

I also love VW's whole "Force for Good" advertising campaign. Jason, urban sophisticate that he is, is turned off by it, but it appeals to silly little me. I like the idea of a VW Beetle's doing battle against such forces of evil as men's speedos bathing suits, lunchlady hairnets, bad eighties-style hair, etc.

The nice thing about this particular dream car is that it will most likely be attainable in the not too distant future. I already know what flowers I'll put in my bud vase -- yes, of course I'm going to use the bud vase!


Andrea said...

We so need to hang out someday (soon)! I love the Beetle too. In fact, I test drove a yellow one like a year ago or so....I was kinda sad to realize that it's a car for single people....for couples with a kid or two, not so much. It drives peppy, which I like. It actually feels like a little tank, thanks to those wacky Germans. One thing I didn't like is a bit of a blind spot when you look over your shoulder to the right, for lane changes and whatnot. Sure doesn't feel like an American car.

Oh well. I had big plans for that bud vase too. But we had to go with the sensible wagon.

(great to see you blogging more frequently, especially now that I'm being a lazy bum with mine!)

Justine said...

Yeah, that space issue is a big concern too, especially if we have another child within the year.

But a part of me thinks that we can fit two carseats in there. Maybe it's memories of my parents' friends driving me and their kids around in the old VW Beetles (of course, there weren't carseats back then).

I was looking wistfully at the Mini Coopers awhile back -- but that's even more pie-in-the-sky space-wise than the Beetle.

So, what kind of wagon did you get? I might settle for a Jetta or (though it's a bit pricey) a Passat wagon. I do like the VW brand (they had me at "Fahrvergnügen").

And it's not called "being lazy," my dear, it's called "packing."

Andrea said...

Oops, I meant over the left for the blind spot.

Anyway, we got an old Honda Accord wagon. My husband is kind of a Honda fiend now. I guess we just prefer the Japanese cars overall.

I do have a lot of our stuff packed...most of it, even. But I was getting *really* tired of my blog, so I'm just leaving it alone for now. I may mess with it next weekend.

Ooh, I almost forgot - we did test drive a TDI Passat wagon a while ago too. That thing was sharp. Most luxurious car I've ever been in, that's for sure. We got a big kick out of the diesel engine. They're pricey though!

CrazyJo said...

When the new Beetles first came out I wanted a new yellow one really bad myself. I also had the urge to paint big smiley faces all over it. Or at least one really big one on the hood.
I'm not really much of a car person. I loathe hummers, which is about the strongest emotions I get towards cars. I love older cars, the look of them. If I could afford to own a classic convertible I probably would, but since that's pie in the sky territory I don't dwell on it.

Billy D said...

My dream car is possibly my next one. We'll see. I'm getting closer, but not quite there. I'm driving a Volvo S80 right now, which is nice.
But, in another maybe two years, I may go for the "dream". A Jaguar XJ8. It's so close I can smell it. But, I may forgo that for a few years so I can get the new Harley instead.

Justine said...

BillyD -- Jags sure are beautiful cars! I hope you're able to fulfill your dream soon.

Joelle -- I'm totally with you on the Hummer front. Monstrosities!

CrazyJo said...

Billy, did you know Jags are becoming known as a gay car? There's a new term - Jags are for fags.
I'd stick with the Harley, myself. There's something about all that throbbing power... ;)

Kadie said...

It's funny, I was reading this blog all the while thinking, I wonder if she'll use the bud vase and lo and behold you spoke of said bud vase!

Ava Harness said...

“...what's your dream car? Do you drive it now?” - I believe everyone has their dream car. But for some who has a dream car that is way out of their budget, they choose an alternative choice of car that is closely similar to their dream car. What matters is how well one will benefit from the car he or she purchased. → Ava @

Ashely Redden said...

Luxury cars complete the list of my dream cars, Justine. However, I don't have enough money to buy one today. For now, I'm driving a Saab 9-3 that I like very much. I hope you can own your dream car soon. :)

Ashely @

Byron Walters said...

I personally love a Beetle myself. I think it has a very vintage chic sort of feel that would fit a quirky personality like mine. I do hope you were able to get your Beetle. I think you would look sweet driving down the street with Billy Joel songs blasting on the speakers. Haha. :)
Byron Walters