Monday, March 06, 2006

Chasing Colleen and Playing Catch-Up (Again!)

What a rotten blogger I've been! My muse, Colleen (she's a lesser muse -- what, you thought there were only nine?), had her bags packed and a ticket for the next train back to Pieria, when I caught her at the station and plied her with flowers, chocolates, promises I don't intend to keep -- the usual. She returned still a little sulky, but I think she's coming around.

In any event, for those of you who still stop by this barren corner of the blogosphere, I thought that I'd plant a seed and sprinkle some water and try to catch up my words to my life.

Well, the most exciting thing that has been happening is the solidifying of Internet buddies into real friendships. I've had the immense pleasure and honor lately to have furthered my acquaintances with Andrea and Joelle, two worthy ladies who are known already by their writings to many of you. Andrea and I had a good, long conversation on the phone a couple weeks ago, and Joelle I actually got to meet in person last week. To meet and connect and fellowship with two sisters in Christ who are well-read, thoughtful, and funny is a blessing that defies description.

We are trying like crazy to get this house in shape to put on the market. It seems like every time we turn around, something else is collapsing or bulging or leaking or stopped-up. However, what is kind of cool is that Jason has conceded to staying another year in my beloved Washington, so long as we move back into an apartment. Well, we've been looking at apartments, and it is a bit depressing to contemplate living in one again, since we are used to the style, independence and comfort of a stand-alone house. But, when I think of the freedom from worrying about rats, yard maintenance, plumbing, mold, etc., I find myself easily reconciled to a renter's life again (at least for one year!). Plus, Sadie will really like living in a place with a swimming pool, so it is sounding better and better. And, I really shouldn't be complaining at all, since no matter where we end up living, it will be in the lap of luxury compared to 95% of the rest of the world. We are really blessed -- and, though it doesn't always sound that way, we do know and appreciate that blessedness. It's not like this world is really our home, anyway. Right?

We were up in Vancouver, BC this past weekend. We were supposed to go to a performance at the Pacific Theatre called Testimony. Carolyn Arends was a featured performer in this. We ended up planning very poorly, though, and missed the show. As a consolation, we got to see downtown Vancouver at night, and it is a really lovely cityscape. We made our customary stop at Tim Horton's as soon as we crossed the border. It is the time of year when they are running the "Rrrroll Up The Rim" promotion. When you purchase a hot drink, you have a chance to win one of many fabulous prizes by rrrrolling up the rim of your cup and peeking underneath. We had a total of three hot drinks in BC, and we won nothing. It was fun playing, though. British Columbia is truly beautiful (Don't believe me? Just ask their license plates.), and I would recommend a trip across our northern border to anyone who comes as far up as Seattle.

As much as I love Washington, I cannot help but be proud of my future home state, South Dakota, when I read articles like this. Go Governor Rounds! Wouldn't you just LOVE to see those baby butchers getting jail-time for murdering those most innocent of little ones? I know I would. I wouldn't mind seeing the women seeking abortions getting some chill time in the slammer too (say nine to ten months?), but I know that that's not the official pro-life party line. So, I'll settle for the butchers.

You can blame a lot of my absence from the blogging scene on books. I've been reading some really good stuff lately. Frances Burney's Evelina was a delightful 18th Century romp through a young lady's introduction into society and all the mirth that ensued therefore. The Grizzly Maze by Nick Jans was enthralling. This is an account of Timothy Treadwell's life and, ultimately, death among Alaskan grizzly bears. You'll be more amazed that this goofball was able to go thirteen years without being mauled, rather than amazed by his being found in a grizzly's digestive tract. The best book I've read since, well, since his last book, is Stephen Cox's The New Testament and Literature: A Guide to Literary Patterns. Think that this sounds dry and scholarly and like something only an English major might enjoy? Well, you'd be wrong! Again, I am struck by God's infinite nature when I consider that the first part of this book has given me a whole new outlook on a very old Story. I will post a full-length review (and regular visitors know what that means! Ha! Ha!) when I am finished reading it through a second time.

Sadie turned three last Thursday. Thanks, Joelle, for the birthday shout out. She was born on the nine-year anniversary of my first date with Jason. That means that Jason and I have been a couple for twelve years (me do math good). On March 2, 1994, I called my dad on the telephone and exclaimed, "I just went out on a date with the guy I'm going to marry!" Since I was nineteen years old at the time (not to mention that the "guy" was not yet seventeen!), my dad can be forgiven for dismissing my proclamation as incredible. Four and a half years after that, we were married. Now, we are parents. Since I know that there are no coincindences in God's sweet providence, I like to think that the Lord was chuckling a little that night so long ago to see us falling into a love that was ordained from before time began. I married my best friend, and no one makes me laugh harder than he or makes me feel more secure and treasured. When I dared to whisper early in our relationship that my dream was to write, this wonderful man's immediate (and hyperbolic) response was, "Cool -- you're going to be a famous author!" Thank you, Jason, for your belief in me that has sustained my dreams in spite of myself. Someday, I hope to justify your steady faith.

I'm looking forward to rekindling the flame with Colleen and showing the fruits thereof in the very near future. Thank you to those who continue to stop by despite my neglect. I never meant to let it go this long, but I'm not even close to being through.

Peace to all, and happy blogging!


Arielle said...

I'm glad that you and Joelle got to meet - I'm sure she's been a bit lonely being relocated somewhere with no friends or family nearby.

Happy birthday to Sadie!

Andrea said...

I love the new picture at the top of the blog...but I think the text color in the posts is on the light side...maybe you can darken it a bit?

Thanks for saying such nice things about me & Jo. I had fun that day we were yakking away too. I'll try to call again sometime soon...I've been doing lots of packing. At least I've got a lot of it done!

You know what...I have "Grizzly Man" on tivo, but we haven't watched it yet. It came on the Discovery Channel. I did catch a few minutes of it, when they were talking to the pilot who found the corpses. He said he saw a bear eating Timothy's ribcage. DISTURBING! Sheesh, that is nightmarish.

I wish I could've been there with yall at the zoo! Also, a belated happy birthday to your wild little woman! Here's hoping that she'll soon start acting like a civilized young lady :) That reminds me...I need to email you some pics but I keep forgetting. I have a funny one of my son after he threw a fit (Jo has seen it).

Justine said...

Andrea --
We've had "Grizzly Man" from Netflix for about 2 weeks -- hopefully we'll get to it this week.

E-mail me pics!

How do you like the text color now?

Arielle --
Happy gestation to you!

Andrea said...

I just now saw that you changed your link to me - LOL! Thank you so did you manage to do the upside down exclamation point? :)

Andrea said...

How do I keep commenting exactly one minute after someone? lol

I noticed immediately, it does look better, thanks.

I'm getting to the pics right now, you should get them in a few minutes :D

Justine said...


HTML code (¡), m'dear!

Thanks for explaining the "Fea" a while back, BTW. I'm just that nosey.

Wish you could have come to the zoo, too. We'll have to plan some sort of jamboree between the whole lot of us someday.

Peace to you!

Justine said...

Aaargh! I didn't think that that was an HTML code that the "comments" would accept!

Here it is with spaces: & # 161 ;

CrazyJo said...

Man, what a bummer that you missed your Carolyn fix. I'm glad you had fun anyways. :)

CrazyJo said...

Love the new header pic. So pretty!!