Monday, September 26, 2005

Princess Sadie Visits the Magic Kingdom

We're off tonight to Anaheim for Sadie's first trip to Disneyland! She has met the three requirements for being able to go that we devised when she was two months old:

1) She's no longer nursing.
2) She can walk for hours at a time.
3) She's potty-trained!

So, as promised, off we go!

I'm actually pretty excited. I haven't been in years, though, as a kid growing up in Southern California, I was always rather blasé about the whole Disneyland thing. Now, as a parent, I'm giddy to think of the wonder that Sadie will experience in a few more hours. Everything of this sort is more fun with kids. Her South Dakota grandparents even came out to experience this magical trip with us.

So, this is all a lengthy explanation in advance for an absence from posting this week. I didn't want anyone out there to think that Hewie II kicked the bucket so soon. Your prayers for safe travel and health (think here of the Mad Teacups ride) would be much appreciated.

Peace to all!


CrazyJo said...

Have fun! I'm glad you are excited about it, since the thought of any Disney theme park with a small child in tow makes me want to go bash my head into the nearest wall. :D

Andrea said...

Nah, she'll be fine:) Hope you have a fun & safe trip!

Arielle said...

I think it sounds fun, too. Having just one child in tow doesn't sound too distressing. Now, having many young children in tow might indeed be stressful. =)

I hope you enjoy your trip as much as Sadie does!

Serena said...

You have a wonderful and wonder-filled trip with that sweet little girl! We will miss you and will expect a report and maybe even pictures with that wide-eyed wonder when you get back. (After all, since I adopted you that would make her my adopted grandchild!) :)
Love and shalom,

Arielle said...

Hey, I guess that also means Justine and Andrea are my sisters now! =)

Welcome to the family, I don't think I'd said that before.

Billy D said...

Have fun! I took my kids to six flags last summer and we had a ball.
(Thing 2 on her first roller coaster - yee-haw!)
Bring Advil.

Serena said...

Hey, I know you're back because I saw your post over at Lisa's (I think it was there). So now you gotta tell us how your trip went with Sadie. We'd love to see some wide-eyed wonder pics, too! Anyway, welcome home. At least I'm assuming you are home and not using a computer away from home.
Love and shalom,