Monday, October 03, 2005

Back from the Magic Kingdom (With Pics!)

We are back from the Land O' Mouse, and it was a wonder-filled trip. We have discovered the proper adult-to-toddler ratio for trips of this kind: four adults to one toddler worked peachy-keen. Sadie got to meet most all her favorite characters -- Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger, Pluto, Mickey. The lines for the rides were short, and Jason and I managed to hit all the adult-sized ones while the grandparents went on "It's A Small World" with Sadie for the umpteenth time. A joyous time was had by all; and, with Dad and Papa both armed with digital cameras, there are pictures galore. Behold! A few for Grandma Serena's enjoyment and anyone else who does not mind viewing the Bug:

Thank you for any prayers lifted up on our behalf. The trip was safe, and there wasn't any tummy trouble on the Teacups or Dumbo or any other ride. It is nice to be able still to go to a place where so many of my childhood memories reside and have it be as magical and delightful and kid-oriented for Sadie as it was for me. In the midst of its 50th Anniversary celebration, these words from Walt Disney's opening day benediction kept reverberating throughout the park during our three-day stay:

"To all who come to this happy place: Welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here, age relives fond memories of the past . . . and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America . . . with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world."

I miss Walt's America.

One last para-quote from Walt Disney: "Disneyland [is] a world of Americans, past and present, seen through the eyes of [Walt's] imagination -- a place of warmth and nostalgia, of illusion and color and delight." And it is a beautiful thing, dear Mr. Disney. Thank you from parents and children everywhere for making such a place of joy.


CrazyJo said...

She's so cute! Looks like she had a blast. Four to one is a perfect ration of adults to children for such a thing. I might swing a trip myself if it could be that way!

Amigo said...

I'm glad you and your family had a fun time.

Sadie's pictures are great. I especially like the one with Pluto.

Andrea said...

That looks like so much fun, glad yall had a good time. I'd love to take my son too, as he loves all those main Disney characters. So what other rides did they have for little kids?

Serena said...

Grandma Serena loves the pics. Thanks and I'm glad that y'all had such a great time, especially Sadie. Now for the next trip, there are some really pretty mountains and such here in this part of the world (of course that doesn't work too well on those that live in the mountains of the northwest already). ;) Hug that little girl from her unknown adopted grandma!
Love and shalom,

Justine said...

Thanks for the kind comments!

Jo -- When EBD gets a little less tyrannical (or, at least meets the three requirements), you'll have to round up some extra adults and make the trip. Now, I'm just worried about when we have the next one and the one after that -- where am I going to find all these adults to drag along? I'll be recruiting them at the airport!

Andrea -- they've got tons for the little ones! Sadie's pretty tall for a 2 1/2-year-old (37"!), so we took her on the Matterhorn too, but most of the rides are appropriate for the pre-school set. Sadie's not afraid of the dark or anything like that, so there were no tears -- only smiles! If you go, check out the Winnie the Pooh ride -- that and Small World were Sadie's faves. They both have gentle motion and are colorful with lots of details to take in!

Grandma Serena -- Don't joke! We're coming! And I want Arielle and Joelle there too! :-D

Andrea said...

You've given me my big belly laugh for the day - by referring to me as a "Slinky Lady" on your sidebar there:) And thanks for the link too, by the way.

Serena said...

I will very seriously rejoice about you all coming to see us! Just let me know when. Hey my email is serenajean at hotmail dot com. You just need to do something to get my attention since it will go to junk mail first and I will have to snatch it out of there. We would have to work at getting Joelle and Arielle here, too, but nothing is impossible with our Father. Right now Joelle is only 1.5 hours away but Arielle is about 11. I'm so wanting to see her and Vincent.
Wow! you mean I have a visit to look forward to? That is just so... wow!
Love and shalom,

Arielle said...

Glad you had fun! Let me know when you're hoping to visit Mom, so I can see if it would be possible for me to be there too.