Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hewie The HP: 2002-2005. R.I.P.

Well, as many of you may have guessed, my cyber-hiccups turned into cyber-strokes and eventually led to the ultimate demise of my little laptop HP, Hewie. I haven't been on-line for weeks. I have a lot of catching up to do on all of your blogs, and I'm so excited to be able to do so with alacrity. It's almost like Christmas in the secular sense - a whole bunch of blog-post presents out there, under the Internet tree, just waiting to be read. I'll be haunting all of your blogs like a persistent cyber-spirit until I'm all up-to-date on the pithy and brilliant comments and observations I've come to relish so from my virtual community. God bless you all!

Now I have Hewie II, bigger, faster, and much more protected than his forefather (Jason always said that I would catch something bad with all of my Internet slutting around). I have so much to write about -- not a lot of sleep on my horizon, but I wouldn't want it any other way. Thanks so much for continuing to stop by this long-neglected blog o' mine. Your concerned comments have warmed my heart and spurred my desire to write to a whole new level. Peace to you!


Morris said...

Welcome back, Justine. Lucky you - first 2 comments you get on returning and they just *had* to be spam. :-)
Looking forward to reading your renewed zest for blogging.

Serena said...

Sooo glad to see you back! A lot of us are having to turn on the word-verification feature on our blogs because of this stupid spam that we've been getting lately. To delete the comments, go into the comments while already signed into blogger. You click on the garbage can and then in the new window (in the case of spam) check the box called remove forever and then delete. No one knows they were ever there unless they see them before you remove them.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading what you have on your heart.
Love and shalom,

Justine said...

Thanks for the deleting info! It's not too bad with the spam, so long as the message and the language are clean, but, in the end, it is better to get rid of them!

I've got a lot of catching up to do with blog reading!

Love you guys!

Arielle said...

Welcome back, Justine!

Difster said...

Welcome back!

Switch to Haloscan. I haven't had ANY spam in my comments.

Flicka Spumoni said...

I'm so glad you're back.

Go to The Ranting Room. There is a book discussion about the War of the Worlds about to begin over there.

I think you might enjoy it. I know you would add enormously to the conversation.

CrazyJo said...

Welcome back and Hi to Hewie II. ;)