Saturday, January 22, 2005

National Birth-Mother Appreciation Day

I, Justine, by the power vested in me by the desire for human decency and kindness and because nobody else seems willing to do it, do hereby declare January 22 to be known hereafter as National Birth-Mother Appreciation Day, acknowledging at long last those women who chose in the face of unexpected expectancy not to go the barbarous and despicable route of abortion, but instead generously nutured life and released that life into arms of love and care through adoption. Therefore, I beseech my fellow Americans, in this spirit of selfless giving and reverence for the fundamental Jeffersonian right to life, to take a moment out of this day to pray for these women who have traveled this difficult path and for those women who might be wavering between abortion or adoption to make the correct decision and let their babies live and flourish and bless another family.

Married mothers, single mothers, and adoptive mothers all have a special day in May where their motherhood is honored by society at large. On this day, the wretched anniversary of that aberration of justice known as the Roe vs. Wade decision, it is only right and fitting that we honor those women whose arms are empty on Mother's Day, but whose hearts are certainly always full, because they made the most selfless decision I can imagine and gave their babies life and then gave their babies to homes where they would be very much wanted and adored. Adoption has blessed so many formerly childless couples and countless children since the dawn of time, and, behind every joyous adoption, is a woman who recognized that child's right to live despite her facing inconvenience, discomfort, ridicule, ostracism, and scorn. These women are some of the unsung heroes of our world, and it is time for them to be recognized for the sacrifices they have made.

Well, here is another article I found on (a fabulous website wherein many news items that don't get much reporting in the MSM can be found as well as people's discussions thereof). Another example of why abortion is so horrific and must end in this free, civilized nation:

In case you wanted also to read the National Review article to which the above link refers in the first paragraph, you may click here:

Hopefully, this will be my last abortion posting for a little while. It is only natural that I have focused upon this topic so often these past two weeks, as the Roe vs. Wade anniversary always haunts me especially in January. Abortion is never "off" my mind, though, and the plight of the unborn is always in my heart. I would like to post on some other things, however, so I'll take a little break from abortion for the next week or two, and maybe try some more lighthearted topics.

Peace to all, and may God forgive our often misguided, but usually well-intentioned, country.

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