Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Let the Blogging Commence

Well, I've been having such fun setting up my profile, that's it's taken me until today to post. Compiling a profile is very challenging. Certainly, the people most likely to read this blog are friends and family who already know that I am much more than my "profile." Still, this being a public and international forum, I wanted to put my best foot forward in presenting myself to any passersby who may happen along.

So, the problem becomes figuring out which aspect of my personality is most important and needs to be given precedence in my profile. Thankfully, I have an easy answer. I am a believer in Jesus Christ; I am a Christian. That is the foundation upon which the whole of my quirks and complexities hangs. This core of my beliefs is the alpha and omega of who I am. Since I was once dead in sin, and I am now alive in Christ, it would be highly negligent not to list this first in my profile.

The next most important thing that anyone should know about me is that I am a wife and mother. I think that I have been truly blessed to have a husband who is supportive of my staying home with our daughter, Sadie. He has given up many personal comforts and conveniences to keep us as a single-income family. To me, the most important thing I can do on this earth is to raise my child(ren). Being at home with Sadie, watching her grow and learn every day, giving her that sense of security and familiarity of having Mom all day and Dad every night and on weekends - I am so honored to be able to provide that in this crazy, scary world.

Every other facet of my personality is rather consequential, stemming usually from the above two. Of course, some aspects of who I am have nothing to do with anything really, just those random attributes that build a unique soul. This is an incredible, amazing world, and though it is a fallen world, it is still a God-saturated world. He is so faithful, and I am so grateful.

Thus completeth the first post!

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