Friday, January 17, 2014

A Poem About Katiesocks

A more faithful alarm than even my clock's
Is the daybreak ritual of my Katiesocks
Each morning at precisely six ante meridian
She leaps on my bed and starts up her kittyin'
Biscuit-kneading paws and whiskers that tickle
Put my half-conscious brain in a bit of a pickle
For her message is one that I both love and dread
For I've too much to do to be seductively led
By her rhythmic purring and the tilt of her head
That say so convincingly, "Just stay in bed.
Oh just stay, oh just stay, oh just stay in bed."

Katiesocks and Pippa, both of whom make getting out of bed
even harder than it already is!


Vermonster said...

Oh my gosh!! they are so cute! So easy to seduce you to stay snuggled under they covers on a cold winter morning!

Justine said...

I know it! They are the sweetest!

I'm reading "Emily of New Moon" to Sadie for the first time and reveling in all the L.M. Montgomery Cat Love. :-)

Hope all is well in the cold, cold Northeast!

H. M. Stuart said...

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