Thursday, January 17, 2013


I'm reading Emma again, which, of course, has that famous conundrum of "courtship."  It turns out that Jane Austen was a rather prolific writer of conundrums* herself -- little riddles that are clever plays on words.  Her whole family was so witty and brilliant that, were she not simply fabu, you might just hate her a little.  Anyhoo, while I was biking home from Sadie's swimming class this afternoon, I thought up a wee conundrum myself.  It's a reaction, really, to a preposterous but trendy thing whose hefty price tag the other day caught me so off guard that I actually laughed at the person who quoted it to me.  See if you can figure it out:

My first is, in short, a scientist's den;
My middle is simply to cheer;
My last is the work of an ennuye pen;
My whole is now something quite dear.

*This appears to be an English-coined word based upon some sort of Latin term that came out of Oxford in the 17th century.  Since it is not direct from Latin, we pluralize it using the English -s.  At least, that's what the OED tells me, and I BELIEVE!


vermonster said...

You're thinking about getting a labradoodle, aren't you? They are cute, but according to Carolyn, tend to like gingerbread houses ;)

Justine said...

Hey Lady! You totally got my conundrum! Suh-weet!

We're not actually thinking of getting a Labradoodle (I find them rather silly looking and like a sleeker-haired pooch). Rylee's mom was promoting the Labradoodle puppies her sister's dog just had. So, I asked how much they were asking for them. She told me $800!! I couldn't help it: I laughed out loud. We'll be adopting a shelter dog sometime in March when we're home from London (and Chawton and Bath -- yes! I think I may be THAT lucky-ducky!). Can hardly wait!

Our new year is going well. I sold my car today to two of my dear friends (so I can visit her sometimes -- tee-hee). Jason and I are working on our budget. I'm just ticking off the list on my goals -- huzzah! Hope your 2013 is going beautifully!

CassieInTheRain said...

Conundrum is such a fun word.
I enjoyed reading Emma. :)