Monday, December 31, 2012

Well, I Did It!

With this last post of the year (which is, admittedly, rather a cheat), I have, in 2012, tied with my second most prolific year of posting on this blog . . . which was 2006!  66 posts of varying subject, quality, and length.  I think that I will never match my "best" year, which was the inaugural year of 2005.  Remember 2005?  When blogs were new and fascinating and all the rage?  Before the vile machinations of the Devil known as social networking came to be?  Blogs were hopping hot spots -- with even lowly folks like your humble blogstress getting lots of visitors and readers and feedback.  The constant back-and-forth really spurred me into action, which is how I managed to write 93 posts in 2005!  Don't think I'll ever see the glory days again -- which is, rather, fine by me.  I am very grateful for anyone who still swings by and reads a bit and even leaves a comment (yes, I'm thanking you, vermonster!).  But, why I post here now is pretty much all for me.  Adorable Trivialities is still a great place for me to let off steam or flesh out a pesky, irritating idea, or banish a demon or two.

So, thank you Blogger for keeping this service open and free and uncensored.  Thank you for bringing into reality G.K. Chesterton's previously impossible-sounding dream: that every man would have available to him his own public forum in which to write and publish the news and views dear to his heart.  It's been a fun eight years of writing, and I hope it lasts at least another eight!

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vermonster said...

HUZZAH! Congratulations on a successful year of insights and random thoughts.
I truly enjoy each morsel that I find on my visits!