Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Theology in Aisle Seven

Lucky us!  Carolyn Arends has a new book out!  Unfortunately, it's only available as an e-book right now.*  Also, it is a collection of her Christianity Today Magazine columns -- all of which I have already read.  But still!  A new book by Carolyn!  Of course, it's well worth getting. My favorite chapters are Chapter 2 -- Initiator: Come, Lord Jesus—oh, wait—he’s already here; Chapter 3 -- Merciful Victor: Why defeat at the hands of God is magnificent; Chapter 5 -- Benevolent Lawgiver: Why God’s law is good news; Chapter 13 -- Saying More Than We Can Say: The Arts; Chapter 24 -- Going Down Singing: The gift of mortality; and, especially, Chapter 25 -- Lessons from a Headless Snake: God’s coming victory.  They are truly all good, though.  Thought-provoking and encouraging and full of, um, fullness -- Spirit and Truth. 

So, go already!  Get it sent to your Kindle or Nook!  Read!  Enjoy!  And come back and let's talk about it!

*I just cannot get used to these new-fangled reading devices.  I bought her book for my Kindle and will happily re-read her columns on it, should I ever dig it out of my bedroom trunk and recharge it.


vermonster said...

Locked and Loaded on the pc and kindle :) Now I can clear out the bookmarks/favorites off the computer.

Justine said...

It's good stuff, isn't it? I have all the hard copies from the magazine. Guess I could recylce those; but, I'm running out of things for Carolyn to sign, so maybe I'll make my own hard copy of Theology in Aisle 7 . . . bring out the stapler and the glue sticks!

vermonster said...

Don't forget the construction paper and glitter for the book jacket.

I get what you mean...she needs a new album with liner notes for autograph purposes :)

Justine said...

Totally -- I'm a big fan of glitter!


Flicka Spumoni said...

My personal bias is towards e-book, so...Happy Day!

P.S. not ignoring your last email. Will talk in person soon - getting through finals and graduation.....
Also, you are smoking through the miles!!!! U go grrrrrrl.

Justine said...

A la Glenn Close: Don't ignore me, Flicka.


Found you anyway on MapMyRun (you ought to have a friend request waiting for you). This is what happens when you have such a unique last name, eh?

Happy finals and graduation to the kiddos! OK, nobody's happy for finals -- so how about Happy Completion of Finals! Who's graduating, anyway? From middle school, maybe?