Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cool Sites New to Me (And, Perhaps, to You)

Just when I was resigned to agreeing with Solomon that, on the web at least, there is nothing new under the sun, I have recently come across some delightful sites and new (to me) blogs that I simply must share.

I have not had much of a chance to thoroughly peruse this interesting site, but Neglected Books has won my instant approbation because of their excellent, thoughtful review of Isabel Paterson's The Golden Vanity (which I am currently reviewing and will now have to try very hard not to steal Neglected Books's insightful observations and claim them as my own). What are some neglected books about which you wish the world knew?

I had thought that I had to be the craziest, most obsessive Carole Lombard fan in the greater Seattle area. I was wrong; so wrong. Yesterday, I found this wonderful fan site run by a startlingly beautiful, startlingly young lady who is writing a biography of our Profane Angel. Check out her site and revel in the glory that is La Lombard.

Jane Austen people are cool. And, when a Jane Austen person is also a mom, wife, artist, and writer, then the cool level increases exponentially. So, here is The Little White Attic (Mansfield Park fans are nodding their heads) in which Lynnae waxes wise and witty on Austen-ish things. She also has a Liberty blog, which only raises her in my already high esteem.

And, speaking of blogs, I just found this gem of a political/religious one from Robert Moeller, A Voice in the Wilderness. He is from Chicago, IL, which is the first point in his favor; he writes thoughtfully and entertainingly, which is the second; and he has posted in his sidebar a great pic of Ronald Reagan throwing out the first pitch at a Cubs game, which is the third.

Anyway, that's where I have been recently on the world wide web. Do you have any suggestions of hot spots for cool cats?

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