Friday, July 17, 2009

Barney is Evil

When I was sixteen, I stayed home sick one day from school. My father, in a burst of nostalgia for my little girl days, brought me home a coloring book. As an inside joke, it was of Barney the dinosaur of kiddie TV. Inside the front cover, he inscribed: When you're feeling bad, Barney can help you -- just color him and his pals in the most horrid colors, add obscene captions, then rip the picture into tiny pieces & flush them down the toilet. There -- don't you feel better already? Love, Dad Remember: Barney personifies all that is evil in society.

Well, I took his instructions to heart and colored away. I even got out the white-out and added a few embellishments. I did not, however, rip them up and flush them. The other day, while cleaning out the stacks of books and papers in our basement, I came across the coloring book. It made me smile. Here are two of my favorites:
Stinkin' Barney. Still loathesome after all these years.


Arphixad said...

Vampire-train-conductor!Barnie and Bitten-by-fish!Barnie - too, too, funny! Just what I needed today for a mental health boost. =D

vermonster said...

Oh Justine, that is just evil but I love it!! I feel the same way about Barney

Joelle said...

Hilarious! And I agree with you completely. I refuse to let my children watch that brain-sucking parasite.

Particularly loved the fish one - very clever! :)

Arielle said...

Justine, I never would have guessed you had it in you. ;)

They're really well done.