Monday, May 18, 2009

The Sparrow Squawks -- er, Tweets -- er, Cheeps -- Again!

While I was not paying attention last fall, Go Daddy automatically renewed my other website The Singing Sparrow. Rather than fuss and complain and cancel the account, I decided to update it. Here is my hope: That it will become a gathering place for bibliophiles. So, Sparrow will be all books all the time (and by "all the time," I mean whenever I get around to updating it).

I'll still post book stuff here -- especially in my sidebar, Off the Shelf. Have you been that far down on the page? Right now I have posted a loving tribute to my three favorite magazines. Sparrow will be longer reviews -- including an entire section devoted to my passion for children's literature -- and I am hoping to partner with Amazon to sell the books I love there. The proceeds will benefit Sadie's school.

Trivialities will live on as my personal blog, wherein I will also muse occasionally on current events, philosophy, religion, and -- when I am feeling either very irritated or very brave -- politics.

So, for the remaining and very few readers who still stop by, please do check out Sparrow. I hope you will enjoy what you find there. God bless you!


vermonster said...

Yeah!! Listen to that sparrow! I like the new layout.

Does this mean that there is hope for Austensorium?

Your words are inspiring and insightful Justine, keep them coming.

Justine said...

Thanks for continuing to come by, vm!

Yes, I will be working on a review of A Fine Brush on Ivory tonight to post on Austensorium. I may eventually move that blog over to Sparrow under its own page. We'll see . . . I'm a big talker/dreamer, but lame-o writer/doer.

Bless ya!

Joelle said...

Yay! New stuff on all fronts. I've died and gone to blog heaven. ;)

Seriously, I'm very excited here.