Monday, June 02, 2008

No Gauntlet Was Thrown Down, But I Have Been Inspired!

I noticed over at Conversant Life that Carolyn Arends has been blogging quite frequently -- in fact, every day since May 28. OK, I know that's only five days, but, really, that's a lot.

So, I found out via her newsblog that she has decided to do a 30-day marathon of blogging at least one post per day. That's pretty cool -- especially considering all the other things she does.

I have been inspired by such noble inclinations. My blogging patterns have been noticably balding since the glory days of 2005. I know that, if you're reading this now, you most likely haven't been here in a long while. I haven't been here in many spans of long whiles either, nor have I been keeping up with my blog roll reading as I'd like.

So here's my goal: (insert drum roll or trumpet flourish here -- it's up to you!) In June, I will blog something here every day. Plus, I will catch up on my fellow bloggers' compositions and comment as I am led (that sounded very churchish). 'Cuz, y'know, I miss what we had going here in 2005, and I want it back, baby!

So, I already lost out on June 1; but, behold, two posts for June 2! Huzzah!


vermonster said...

Am I to assume that also means Austensorium?

Lizzie, Jane, Anne, Fanny and I are waiting....

Justine said...

Y'know -- it's been way too long since I've dipped into an Austen revel.

The least I can do is to finish a post I had started before debarking to Camp Barnabas last summer. I was on the brink of finishing it, and then -- pblpblpblbt!*

I'll do what I can in Austensorium. Chesterton and Shakespeare overshadowed their British sister for a while.

*Approximate sound of a balloon deflating.