Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm Going To Need Some Coffee . . .

. . . When Sadie wakes me up in a few hours!

After having goofed around with this blog for what seems like millennia, I have updated it almost to my liking. I wish the "Coffee Time" banner weren't partially hidden by the Blogger bar, and I'd love it if there were not a black, empty margin running down the right side, but I'm tired and sore and sick of thinking in HTML.

A new look for the new year -- thanks to Caz!

I do enjoy coffee. The coffee culture, rampant bibliophilia, gorgeous scenery, and relentless rain inspired and have continued to deepen my love affair with the Seattle area. This is home, and, for a while at least, my blog looks a bit more like home.

Happy New Year! May all your espresso shots be a perfect 20 seconds. May your beans grind to the maximum extraction of flavor and never to the bitter point. May your milk steam up as frothy as you like. And may life always be for you "good to the last drop."


CrazyJo said...

Wow, what a shocking new look! Good to spice things up now and again, isn't it? :)

Can I join you with a cup of tea instead, or is that committing a sin in the Seattle area? :) I just don't handle the java that well.

vermonster said...

Jo-if it's a sin to have tea in Seattle then you and I will face that wrath together :)!

The new page was WOW when I clicked on it. It looks great but I instantly thought of an ice cream flavor Ben and Jerry's used to make. I think it was called "coffee, coffee, buzz buzz, buzz." Trust me when I say, I never tried it!

I appreciate your time and energy to create a new layout and the creative, insightful, writing that keeps us coming back!

Justine said...

You ladies will receive a special dispensation for your non-latte-sipping ways. Tea will certainly suffice. Especially Twinnings British Breakfast -- yum!

By the way, new Blogger kind of sucks. The new, fast publishing is cool, but the needing to log-in every other second is pretty lame-o!

Arielle said...

Really? You need to log in all the time? That has never been a problem for me and I've had the new blogger for months now. I can even jump from blog to blog and still be logged in for commenting.

I like aspects of the new look, but am not fond of the white text. It's a little painful to read.

And GC should be replace AL on Mount Rushmore!

Justine said...

Hoo-boy! You're not shy about expressing a minority opinion, are you? Replacing Lincoln would be blasphemy to 90% of Americans (though, not necessarily to me). Should a redesign be necessary to get Grover up there, I would suggest getting rid of his longtime friendly foe, Teddy Roosevelt, instead. At least you'd be working with changing more similar features.

BTW, I'm always very grateful that, since a Roosevelt was destined to be in those noble planes of rock, that at least the better of the two made it up.

Sorry about the white text's glare. Maybe I'll experiment with a mellow yellow color. Are the post headings easier to read? I think they are a light yellow that might work out for the post's body's text too.