Thursday, July 27, 2006

Boring Old Internet

Is it just me, or has the Internet gotten, well, boring all of a sudden?

There was a time when I thought that the Internet never could be boring. Every day brought some new site to explore and new people with whom to interact. It was so vast and meandering and surprising and stimulating. But, lately, it has just become dull.

The blog world, too, has shrunk considerably. Almost everyone I visit regularly is posting less frequently. The rush of putting our thoughts out into the world seems to have perhaps gone stale. At least, that's been my experience. I find myself less interested in posting at all about anything. Either the things that I am interested in are too ponderous to undertake at this time in my life, or my thoughts are too dark to dwell upon them for any length of time, or it's just too exhausting to put so much energy into something with so little in the way of returns. I know others have felt like this, too, and I'm just a slowpoke on the blog ennui front.

I'm not making any grand exits from the scene. I have no plans to go anywhere. I know that the fire will return. But the world just seems so sad and pitiful and crazy right now. I used to care about politics, but now I don't, much. I still care about the travesty of abortion, but I cannot bear to write about it now, because it is such a depressing topic. I still care about exploring Christianity, but I have nothing to add right now, other than that I am in a season of gritted-teeth trust and determined belief. Other things fly by my radar, and for a fleeting moment I consider posting about them, but it is so draining.

This state of listlessness is unusual for me, but it really is only in relation to the Internet. Everything else in my life is fairly positive and forward-moving right now. It is only when posting to a blog that I have to confront just how disturbing things are, in general. I suppose that it is good, in a sense, to confront the yucky stuff, but maybe I can put it off a little while longer.

So, I guess I need some novelty -- some new sites to tickle my fancy. Some really hopping places to read the views of interesting folks. Hopefully something funny and not politically driven . . . any suggestions?


Andrea said...

I tired of it a long time ago. Now I think the internet sucks ass. Remember In Living Color...."hated it!"

Now I only spend a few minutes online every day, if that. I check a couple quick things and that's it.

If you like mindless celebrity gossip, is amusing. He has an absolutely nightmarish photo of Streisand up right now.

Good luck on getting your blog to look how you want it. Code sucks ass too.

Justine said...

Hi Andrea! is fun -- reading it takes me back to my L.A. days.

"Sucks ass" -- you do have a way of turning a phrase, don't you? There's quite a bit of Carrie Heffernan in you I think, my dear.

Serena said...

Hi Andrea!

You aren't the only one going through that. I'm basically posting about our trip right now and sometimes about our life, but just don't really want to get into much that is so deep. I think the time offline during our trip was good because it got me out of being so addicted to the internet. I got so much I need to get done and so need to look at how I'm spending my time.

You said it so well.

Love and shalom,

btw, have you ever been goomd? That's my word verification. LOL!

CrazyJo said...

Oooh, my mom got a new pic up! Very nice, mom-person! :)

I don't even get the opportunity to be bored by the internet anymore. I can barely keep up with my email due to no computer time lately. Since my hubby is still sleeping (up 'til 6 with computer issues) I'm nabbing some time now.

Hopefully it's just the summer blahs, but I entirely understand how you're feeling. I've just beeen so devoid of energy lately in all areas. Maybe I need to take a pointer from Arielle and up my iron intake.