Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Where Have All the Blog Posts Gone, Long Time Passing?

Gosh, it seems like I write so much and so often, and yet I post so little. Seriously, I have an attic full of blog posts that I cannot bring myself to put out there for general public perusal. Pollyanna (i.e. Carolyn Arends) has got nothing on me!

I'm still here, kicking about. I have been reading so many good books -- same old, same old. I've been dealing with the house stuff (we're not moving, by the way), and homeschooling stuff (you should hear Sadie's German!), and starting a business stuff (Barefoot Books Stallholder), and friend stuff (one of my very best friends just moved back into the area!), and all that other good stuff too! It is a very happy time right now.

Thank you for still stopping by. My husband is going out of town for a week (a vacation with my father -- yes, I know that's a little unusual, but isn't it great that they get along so well?); so, hopefully, I'll get some posts up -- maybe some reviews and reflections. At least, I'll try to get something up that proves that I'm still alive. I appreciate all the patience and concern of those who e-mail me to ask what in the world is keeping me from posting to this blog.

Peace and blessings to you!


CrazyJo said...

Now you have me wondering what you've been writing and hiding away from prying eyes! :)
I think it's great that your dad and husband have such a great relationship. I'm sure it makes family get-togethers a lot more enjoyable. I can't imagine my husband spending a lot of time with my dad - I think the whole gay thing would be a bit much for him to handle. We have a hard enough time with Rick (my stepdad), because they are so much alike they tend to rub each other wrong.

vermonster said...

I hope it's not 10 years before you open your attic and dust the cobwebs off the "insights of Justine."

Not moving huh?? Here's hoping that any little visitors are long gone (squeek, squeek) :)

Justine said...

vermonster wrote:
Not moving huh?? Here's hoping that any little visitors are long gone (squeek, squeek) :)

Amen to that! Hopefully the only "little feet" pattering in this house will be those of the human persuasion.

Joelle --
I'm seething with envy about their vacation, but I'm trying to be gracious, nonetheless. And I am very grateful that they get along so well.

I wouldn't worry too much about my blog-post attic. It's pretty dark up there right now, and in no way comparable to CA's treasure trove.