Friday, June 02, 2006


Oh dear! I'm sorry to say, but it looks like, at least in Victoria's Secret Land, 1980's fashions have returned.

Oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why?

I can't live it all over again. I just can't! Not the neon and fluorescent colors! Not the crimped hair! Not the innumerable rubber bracelets! Not the Swatch watches! Not the high heeled shoes with jeans! And not -- never again -- the leggings layered under mini-skirts. No!

Cruel, cruel Victoria's Secret! Stick to naughty undies and leave us content in our new Millennium and natural fibers and logical layers.


Anonymous said...

:) You just named some of my favorite things....although I can live without the crimped hair. I checked the link and I don't think they look too bad, but I guess it's easy when you're tall and thin.
Now you have me missing all my old rubber bracelets I had 15+ years ago....


CrazyJo said...

Actually the 80's have been trickling back for a while. The rubber bracelets were hugely popular with the teen scene a couple years ago. Jeans and heels are big again, and some of the clothing styles are creeping in, too. The leggings/long shirt combo is one I'm going to avoid, though! You have to be stick thin to pull it off. :P Outside of the big hair and some of the more outrageous fashions, I kind of miss the fun of the 80's.

Justine said...

You two are funny! Granted, the 80's styles beat the 70's Craziness and the 90's Grunge, but, seriously, mini-skirts over leggings? Gosh, I thought we had put that past us. Now, some of the men's styles from the 80's were delicious. But, I guess, I'm just addicted to classic Eddie Bauer casual attire and island-style super-casual attire.

Viva la difference!

Amigo said...

Break out a copy of the Wedding Singer.

How can clothing sellers stay in business unless the styles keep changing? Gotta create the desire to keep up with style, you can't be seen wearing last year's clothes.

The 80's weren't all bad, but the legging thing never looked quite right.

Arielle said...

Hey, I was surprised that the 70's actually had some very pretty fashions to offer - you just never see them pictured in any movie or television portrayal of that era.

I agree, 80's fashion was pretty bad! I have to confess though, I see no problem with high heels and jeans - I've worn that combo myself plenty of times. =)

Justine said...

But you're a M.I.L.F., so you can get away with it, Arielle!

Jeans and heels are standard issue in hottie-land, aren't they?

CrazyJo said...

Having been born with a club foot, which required surgery that left me with two different sized feet and a not-very-flexible ankle, I've always envied those who can wear heels. And I think jeans with high-heeled sandals look really good.
Ah well, I'll just stick to my trusty flats. My hubby loves me flaws and all!

Arielle said...

*grins* Careful what terms you use, Justine - seems like some fuddy-duddy took offense to that particular term last time. ;)