Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Miners

I was so amazed and joyful to hear last night that twelve of the thirteen trapped miners in West Virginia were found alive. I was devastated to hear this morning that the report was a mistake and twelve of the thirteen were, instead, dead.

May God bring peace to the hearts of the deceased miners' loved ones. I cannot imagine what they have gone through -- from the heights of emotional elation to the depths of emotional despair, all within three hours. My heart broke a little more when I read that one family member who was holding vigil in a church lashed out against God when he heard that all but one of the trapped miners were dead. He said, "What has God ever done for us?" I pray that the Lord of Life will show him soon what He can do. Peace, consolation, hope of reunion -- our Father knows what it is to grieve over the loss of His family, over the loss of a Son.

May He quickly heal the surviving miner.

Peace to all, and prayers to those who mourn today -- in West Virginia and around the world.

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CrazyJo said...

I was really saddened to read this as well. What a heart-wrenching situation for these families! We do need to be keeping them in our prayers, something I'm not always good at doing when I read about something like this.