Friday, December 09, 2005

The Big Crunch

There are some physicists that believe that the universe, instead of expanding infinitely, will someday have that expansion be overtaken by gravity, causing a massive contraction -- a reversal of the Big Bang, playfully called the Big Crunch.

It seems to me that there is a Big Crunch occurring in my neck of the blogosphere lately. Billy D. of In Deo Veritas (I won't link to it, since it may be deleted by this time) has called it quits. Andrea from Andrea Fea is threatening the same. Flicka Spumoni, whose blog bears her incomparable name, has decided not to post until summer. Rebecca from doxology has been on winter break. Serena's husband Rick is toying with a departure too. Has the expansion of the blog phenomenon reached its apogee? Has the gravity of people's reality, their non-cyber lives, taken over, causing this rapid, massive contraction? Or are these departing friends more like shooting stars -- having burned their brightest and leaving naught of their memory but a blazing trail of glory?

Since I believe that the Big Bang was the Word of God spoken in Creation, and the Big Crunch will be the new heaven and the new earth -- the New Jerusalem of Revelation 21 -- the expanding of the universe is, to me, more akin to Isabel Paterson's "energy circuit" than a physical concern. I fully hold to her idea that creativity once expressed and knowledge once gained is never lost; it is added to this long current of human energy that has been present since the beginning of time. So, in that sense, the ideas and expressions of these worthy bloggers will not be lost -- no matter if the "Delete this Blog?" button is hit and the URL vanishes from sight. They will live on in the hearts and minds of those who have read and loved their thoughts, and those thoughts will in some way be converted and adapted by their readers, and the curcuit will benefit and be re-charged from their currents. All of this energy will someday be gathered back to the original spark of energy -- the Lord Himself.

To those who have left: Godspeed -- you will be missed and never forgotten. To those who are thinking of leaving: Please pray before doing something rash -- we respect your decision, whatever it may be. To those on break: Rest well -- we await your return. To those still active: Upward and onward!


Arielle said...

Yes, I'm rather sad about it all. I hate to see my community shrinking!

At least Flicka has given us the hope of a return. =)

CrazyJo said...

Yeah, I cut back temporarily and it's like the whole thing just up and went "thffpt!" Not nice. :( Ah, well, better to have know these wonderful people temporarily than not to have know at all. And email still works. :)