Sunday, July 31, 2005

They Paved Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot

The Seattle Mariners are dead to me.

Randy Winn, the best player we had, was traded off yesterday to the National League (for crying out loud!) for two SF Giants players, whom I will now always detest. What kind of name is "Yorvit" anyway?

So, I've taken my disgust and worked it into an adaptation of Joni Mitchell's classic, Big Yellow Taxi:

Late last night, I heard the local news show
Stupid sportscaster said that it was Randy Winn's time to go - Oh -

Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone?
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

Hey, Bill Bavasi, put away your mid-season trade, now!
Ya give me lots of lousy pitching but leave me my boy, Randy Winn, now!

Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone?
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

Oh sure, they've got $100 million to waste on Sexson and Bletre
But now that Randy Winn's gone there's going to be hell to pay - hey -

Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone?
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.


Mid-season trades are just a terrible thing to do to fans. You've put all this emotional investment in your favorite player, and then they trade him right out from under you without a blink. The SF Giants. Sheesh!

At least I got to see Randy Winn's last game as a Mariner on Friday night. He went 4/5. I can't believe we traded him. I would have rather they traded Jamie Moyer (an excellent pitcher and a Mariners icon, but one whose getting old) or Eddie Guardado (a great closer, but, again, tradeable) or either of those two shmoes they spent, collectively, $100 million on: Richie "The Drunk" Sexson or Adrian "Can't Get Used to the American League" Beltre.

I'm going to miss you, Randy Winn. Thank you for four great years of play. You're too good for this loser team, anyway. May your fingers be filled with World Series rings. May the Mariners rot in the pit of crappiness in which they have buried themselves.

Maybe when I calm down a little, I can focus on my second and third favorite players: Raul Ibañez and Willie Bloomquist. Holy cow, this is a staggering loss.


Billy D said...

Hey, we almost lost Manny Ramirez a few days ago. Of course, we go through this every year too. They should make the trade deadline the last day before opening day, and then, that's it. Nothing until next year. You win or lose with the same team all year. Call up or send down minor league palyers in your franchise, but no more.
That's why I love football. (Well, one reason anyway) this stuff is a rarity.

Billy D said...

BTW - I finally moved my lazy butt and linked you up today.

Senor Grampa said...

Alack, alas - you were well-named, my dear. You truly are the just one, who eternally searches for fairness and justice, and is doomed to disappointment when they are not found.
It is a constant wonder to me that you still have such an upbeat, optimistic view of life, when so often the vagaries of life smack you upside the head (albeit - thankfully - in relatively minor things: favorite player traded, favorite singer having "feet of clay").
One of the many things I love about you is your view of an essentially benevolent universe, where so much shit happens.
Keep that positive world-view, Dearest, and know that I mourn with you.
And now for something completely different: do you know why, when I am posting a comment such as this, I can't delete copy from the comment? Like if I make a mitsake, I can't go back and correct it. You have no idea what anxiety this engenders when someone of my meagre typing skills is writing to his hyper-literate daughter. Help me, Pippi - O Goddess of HTML!!
And. now for another something completely different. Was a Mariner suspended for steroid use? I was watching boxing on ESPN2, and they run an update strip along the bottom of the screen, and it seems I caught a glimpse of the notice.
It wouldn't let me post this as a blogger - have I been drummed out of the corps for inactivity?

Justine said...

Oy! Ryan Franklin was busted yesterday for steroids - or so Jason tells me - the Seattle Mariners, as you know, are dead to me, so the only info. I get is second-handed from Jason.

I also wish you could edit comments. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, I will (gasp) make a typo, then notice only after I publish. You'll see that happens a lot to others too - notice how people comment immediately afterward with the typo corrected. It would be a nice feature for Blogger to add.

I don't know why you couldn't post as "Obligatory Blog" Senor Grandpa. Probably you got logged off to Blogger and need to log back in to see your Blogger display name. Check with Blogger and see if you are currently logged in. If not, log in and then post something to your blog - for crying out loud! I mean, really.

Billy D - as always you are spot on. Mid-season trades are like mini-divorces in the middle of the baseball season. It's the fans who suffer the most. MLB teams should "dance with the boys they brung" until "October do they part." LOL!

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