Thursday, July 28, 2005

POP-UPS!! &*&$^*%&%#$#*&&(*&(!!!!!!!

Why?! Why in the world have all these lame-o pop-ups infiltrated my cyber-space? I have a pop-up blocker that used to work very well. Now, though it's turned on, it's letting about 98% of all pop-ups through. At first, they were sly. They were "pop-behinds;" They would pop into the background of whatever legitimate page I was viewing, and only reared their ugly heads when I closed out the other page. Now, they have gotten bold and shoot right past my blocker (useless piece o' blankity blank!) and get right in my face while I'm viewing or typing. This is the pits.

Two of the most annoying are "Aqua" and "Venus123." These two come up with myriad attachments that continually download with an irritating "clickety-click-click" constantly. Also, there is this absolutely infuriating "Search Result" thing that comes up and tries to give me links based upon the websites I was viewing. What sickens me about this un-asked for intrusion into my Internet viewing habits is that I spend a lot of time looking up pro-life sites on the 'net, and this "Search Results" thing picks up that I'm "interested" in abortion, so it brings up all these abortion clinics, especially this one in New York with a woman doctor who will perform abortions in her office so you don't have to go to a clinic (how lovely). I feel nauseated whenever this comes up. If you are going to put software out there that noses into people's private website preferences, you should at least have the sensitivity to figure that people who like unborn babies enough to go to pro-life sites are not going to want you to throw it back in their faces that these little babies are right now being murdered in these clinics (or comfortable office settings) you advertise. Yuck!!

How can I get rid of these pop-ups? I guess we'll have to get a new program to download that does a better job than the one that came with MS Internet Explorer. Any suggestions?

Peace to all (except those pop-up companies - Pooh to them!)!


P.S. Who in the world thinks that throwing a bunch of pop-ups in unsuspecting peoples' faces is an effective advertising campaign? I mean, c'mon!


Billy D said...

You know, I've often wondered why it is everyone makes a big deal out of the spam (aside - I do understand the annoyance, as my 8 year old started to wonder why she may have needed viagra) but no-one does anything about the pop-ups.
I have to assume because pop-ups make money for several hundred people, while spam makes money for one.

Difster said...


Go to and install Microsoft Anti-Spyware.

Run your scan from safe mode and that should take care of almost all of it.

Thanks for linking to my blog. I'll add you to mine also.

Justine said...

Difster -
Thanks for the advice. I did as you suggested, and that Anti-Spyware software seems to have killed off "Aqua" and "Venus123" and the horrible "Search Results." I'm still getting some pop-ups, but they're back to "popping behind," and not nearly as intrusive. Thanks for the info!

Morris said...

Good on Dif for giving that advice. I knew as soon as I saw your post that you had spyware slime on your computer. The slimey ways they use to get it on our 'puters never ceases to amaze me. It seems we've no choice to lock our computers tighter than Fort Knox. Sheesh.

Difster said...

Oh, and by all means, PLEASE start using the Firefox browswer instead of Internet Explorer.

You can find it at

GrandFather said...

I read your post and thought that you might get a kick out of my recent blog on Junk Mail. It can be found at As you will discover if you read some of my blogs, I too am a Christian.