Friday, February 01, 2013

Budget Woes

This weekend, we are going to work on our household budget, as per one of my 2013 goals.  I am so depressed.  There are few things more anathema to my soul than number-crunching.  I hate the petite-bourgeoisie-ness of it all.  My m.o. is to throw money around in a haphazard and extravagant way and then hold my breath to see what happens next.  Jason, on the other hand, is elated.  This is right up his alley.  In fact, finally cornering me after 13 years of marriage on a budget is the icing on top of the cake that was baked when he finally got his last tax form in the mail this week and could proceed with his yearly romance with the IRS.  Ugh.  It's just one of those rare times right now when I realize how different he and I are. 

But, we're the same on the really important things: religion, politics, the raising of our Meck-child.  Many would add "money" to the really-important-mix, on which we are rather different; but, I think we can overcome that.  It boils down to this: I wish he earned a little bit more; he wishes I spent a little bit less.*  We're like Obama and Boehner!  If we can reconcile this fiscal pas-de-deux, then certainly there is hope for our country. 

I spoke with my friend, Anita, on the phone yesterday while she was in the midst of balancing her checkbook.  She was perplexed, exasperated, and on the hunt for a missing $45.**  I listened to her fretful quandary, clucked my tongue with compassion, and considered her later with amazement and no little bit of awe.  Such a fuss for $45!  Were it I instead, I would have added or subtracted the fiendish compound, written a row of ????? in the ledger, closed the checkbook, and proceeded happily on my way.  And that is why my beleaguered, fiscally responsible husband lives daily with ill-concealed irritation at his silly-pants wife.  And why I must get better.  But, by gum, it ain't easy.  It sure ain't easy.

*This is just my being a little silly.  Jason is a spectacular provider, and, if anything, I wish he worked less hard and took it easy a bit more.  I just hate to budget and wish that money flowed like water.  Of course, Jason would probably point out that you cannot get flowing water at an instant if you do not plan out a system of pipes and plumbing.  To which I eloquently reply, "Pbbblt!"

**I followed up with Anita and am happy to report that she found the missing $45!  Huzzah!

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