Monday, October 29, 2012

Another American Woman for Romney/Ryan!

I was so unfortunate as to find myself forced to watch CNN the other night while we were in Philadelphia.  They were interviewing people at a Romney/Ryan rally for the express purpose of proving that all momentum for the GOP ticket this year is based upon anti-Obama rather than pro-Romney sentiment (most likely to further promote the racism meme that the desperate Dems hope will shame people out of voting their consciences and values).  Bosh and poppy-cock, I say!  Sure, I don't like and never have liked the Obama Administration.  I am a conservative, after all.  But, I have grown absolutely fond of Mitt Romney during this campaign and, when I filled in my little bubble on my mail-in ballot, it was for Mitt Romney, rather than against Barack Obama.

The best thing about Mitt Romney is that he loves America.  Truly and really and through and through.  I see him as a man of unimpeachable integrity, warmth, humility, quiet strength, sound judgment, and mature character.  He will be a steady hand to guide a battered and bruised American people back to self-reliance, self-control, temperance, and prosperity.

When my daughter, Sadie, was between two or three, I took her to the Seattle Aquarium.  Round the tank where the puffins dived and swam was a crowd of people.  Little Sadie wanted to see those puffins up close, and her tiny little body squeezed quickly into the crowd out of my grasp.* I watched as she approached the concrete step in front of the plexiglass barrier of the tank.  She needed a hand up onto that step and reached up and found a convenient one at the other end of which was a kindly-featured old man.  She quickly hoisted herself onto the step and pressed nose-to-glass, watching the puffins play.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," I gasped to the man, when I finally got close enough to Sadie.  He turned to me with the most benevolent expression imaginable and said, "That's quite all right.  That young lady just needed a grandpa at that moment, and I was happy to fill in."

A grandpa is a wise and wonderful presence.  When I look at Mitt Romney, I see a grandpa -- steady, reliable gentleness cloaking a spine of steel.  America just needs a grandpa at this moment in time, and I am happy that Mitt is here to fill in.

*N.B. There is nothing on earth that moves as fast as a toddler on the go.  Warp speed.  Seriously.

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Morris said...

Justine, though I don't look on Romney without a slightly jaundiced eye, I'd say without hesitation that just about *anyone* would be better than Obama at this stage. Obama and his cronies are just plain and simply criminals - nothing less.

"Nothing faster than a 2 year old!"

Bahaha! Truth.