Thursday, August 09, 2012

Just Because I'm Not on Facebook or Twitter . . .

. . . I have to share -- when I absolutely need to share -- the mundane and, perhaps, inane facts of my life on my blog.  And, I absolutely need to share the fact that, since May 2012, I have lost 24 lbs.!  Huzzah!

Here's the great tool I've used (other than sweating profusely and no pie): Map My Run.  Not only can I map and log those long hours of running, they have a nutrition tool that has really kept me on track with my eating.  The good news: I've lost the weight!  The bad news: Every time I log my new lower weight, my available consumable calories goes down.  Boo-hoo.  Now I only get 2089 a day (but, they will credit you for calories burned during a workout).

I'm so ready for my two 10K's coming up in September!  The latter one (Barrington Honor Ride and Run, September 22) I am especially excited about, as it raises money for a great cause: helping wounded warriors' physical rehabilitation through bicycling!  How cool is that?  I cannot get my bike to Barrington, IL where the ride/run is being held for the 27-mile ride; so, I'm running the 10K instead.  If you are at all interested to learn more about this event and charity, please visit my fundraising page:

Now, I am pretty convinced that I'm going to run half of the Seattle Marathon with my dear friend, Anita, in November.  Mostly because I covet this shirt:

Aaw yeah!


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