Monday, March 12, 2012

Back to the Grind (I Like SBC's House Blend on Medium; How About You?)

It was a nice week-and-a-half.  Such craziness as our whirlwind of a February was surely made our break even more welcome than usual.  We're on year-round "school" in these parts: 3 weeks on; 1 week off.  But, because we left town for Sadie's birthday, we extended the three weeks into three and a half, and took a longer break.  Homeschooling is great for traveling flexibility.

Highlights of the trip?  Mine were: The Warner Bros. Studio tour; visiting Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa; eating lunch at the Blue Bayou at Disneyland (you know -- the restaurant that overlooks the Pirates of the Caribbean ride).  I'm sure Jason and Sadie have their own.

Here's a funny story from the trip:  We went to church on Sunday, March 4 at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, which is the "mothership" of the church we attend here in Kent, WA.  It's a rather famous church, having grown out of a ministry founded by Pastor Chuck Smith in the 1970's (I think) as an outreach to all the hippies bumming around So. Cal. at the time.  That's why our church is a jeans and rock-n-roll type place.  We all grew out of the groovy Jesus Movement.  Of course, nowadays CCCM is a highly respectable looking congregation, and I only saw a couple ushers who looked as if they had not completely disavowed their hairy pasts.  And it's HUGE!  Like Jason said afterward, "It really makes you yearn for and appreciate our much smaller, homier Calvary Chapel South."  Indeed.  We dropped Sadie off in one of their several third grade classes while we went to service in the sanctuary.  When we came back, this is what we learned:

First of all, Sadie participated in the Bible story time and knew all about David's sparing of Saul while he "did his business" in that cave.  Secondly, she got 100% on her Bible quiz and a little jar of Play-doh as a prize.  Lastly, the teacher had said that when they were done with their quizzes, the students could color a Bible scene on a handout or draw whatever they wanted on the back.  So, Sadie drew Venus on a half shell on the back of her coloring page.  Naked, grinning Venus in all her glory.*  In church.  Nice.  Do you think I am taking the Classical aspects of her education too far? 

Anyway, back to the labors of Momcules today.  I'm pretty excited because we're starting something new -- a mother/daughter book club.  So far, it's just us two.  But, maybe we'll encourage some more moms and girls to join us.  Our first book is Louisa May Alcott's Little Women.  I have never read this book -- I kid you not.  I think I tried way back in my halcyon days; but, if I recall correctly, the fact that the March girls called their mother "Marmee" completely turned me off.  But, I'm willing to give it another go.  Sadie is, of course, unenthusiastic.  But, she always is when there's something new a-comin'.  We call her Inertia Girl.

Happy Monday to all!  I'm off to the kitchen for another cup of joe!

*It was quite a charming drawing, by the way.  I think Botticelli himself would have smiled affectionately at her youthful effort.

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