Monday, February 13, 2012

How Sarah Palin Earned My Vote in the WA Primary

Basically by being awesome and by our having a bunch of losers on the primary ticket.  I have decided to write her in.  I know it's a futile gesture.  I don't care.  I know she does not want the nomination.  Too bad for her.  James A. Garfield didn't want it, either.  Not that what ultimately happened to poor James A. ought ever ultimately happen to Gov. Palin -- forbid it, Almighty God! -- but, if the nominating process took a turn toward what happened at the 1880 Republican Convention . . . well, that would be über-sweet!  Admit it.  Dontcha think to yourself in your deepest, most secret thoughts, after this handful of primaries:  This is the GOP field?  Seriously?

No one speaks about issues and ideas that are important to me as well as Gov. Palin.  Well, maybe Marco Rubio . . . but I cannot tell whether it's his words or his drop-dead gorgeousness that moves me more. (Just kidding!  Maybe.)  Anyway, did you see and hear Sarah's speech at CPAC?  Phenomenal.  You just come away from hearing her speak with that knowledge, deep down in your gut, that she gets America, that she loves America, and -- chances are -- she probably would like you, if she got to know you.  These are three things I have never thought to be true of Pres. Obama.  He does not get America; I truly doubt whether he loves America qua America; and I'm pretty sure that he would not like me or my family or anything we believe in or work for (other than the income tax bill we dutifully pay every year -- that, I am sure, he likes very much). 

When I think about how this good, insanely-intelligent, patriotic woman has been maligned by media elites and party elites, it drives me nuts.  How hard on her family, had she chosen to run for President!  How hard on the country that she has chosen not to!  I was so excited for this race.  I was geared up to support whole-heartedly any good candidate -- though I always had my fingers crossed that that candidate would be Sarah P.  Now, February's not even finished, but I am.  Finished with this lot of lame-o's, I mean. 1 wooden technocrat + 1 repugnant D.C. legislator +1 dorky D.C. legislator = my writing in "Sarah Palin" when WA's primary comes to be*.  Of course, in November, I'll vote for whomever the Republican nominee is.  I mean, even though it will be one of these uninspiring gents, I will still agree with him more than I ever will with any Democrat, especially with Pres. Obama.  But, how disheartening to know already that I'll have to settle again.  Pbbbblt!

*Pace, Ms. Coulter, Ms. Spumoni, and half the good folks at Ricochet.  I love and/or respect you all; but, I'm still writing in Sarah Palin.

Update: Criminey!  The primary has been cancelled in WA by the state legislature.  There will still be caucuses; but, we will be on vacation, so I cannot even go and be grouchy at a caucus (because I SO would).  Well, this pretty much makes this whole post moot.  But, I will leave it posted, because I am still quite annoyed, and it was a good venting exercise.  God help us.

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