Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Top 25 Reasons I Love Homeschooling

It's recess, so here's a little fun:

Homeschool Funnies

25. Learning Latin is awesome!
24. No carpooling
23. Gas consumption down 50%
22. Hot lunches on cold days
21. PacSci without the crowds
20. No sitter needed for parent-teacher conferences -- heck! no parent-teacher conferences!
19. Latin is really too much fun!
18. Hearing Sadie pronounce German words sehr gut
17. Riding bikes together in the middle of the day
16. Science experiments!
15. School in jammies is a-OK
14. Less $$ spent on nice school clothes = more $$ spent on nice books
13. Have I mentioned Latin?  It rocks!
12. Sadie loves her math curriculum (Teaching Textbooks)
11. No mean girls breaking Sadie's heart; no one telling Sadie that she's not as smart as they are
10. I know everything that's going on at school and will not be surprised by Sadie's saying things like: "Dinosaurs were just giant lizards that kept growing because they lived at the time when everything lived longer before the Flood."  Oy vey.
9. School conforms to our schedule, and not vice versa.
8. Sadie can read ahead anytime she wants.
7. Carpe diem -- carpe Latinam!
6. Working simultaneously through two science curricula is stimulating!
5. No more sitting through those torturous, seemingly interminable Christmas and Spring music concerts
4. Dancing to the Beatles during recess
3. Sadie's illustrated daily journal entries
2. Finding out that Sadie "loves" Squanto -- and knowing that she will never love Justin Bieber
1. Spending tons of time with my precious child who is growing up so quickly and will be out and on her own before I know it.  Why would I want to spend my days in any other way?


Arielle said...

Justine I'm so happy you got this opportunity! I figured you would be a wonderful teacher (and also thought your long blog absence probably had something to do with home schooling). ;)

Vermonster said...

LOVE love love the 25 reasons! And yes..Latin is awesome. I took it in high school, sadly only for 2years but am so glad to hear that you're including it in Sadie's studies.
Perhaps you should also include a course in penmanship and writing implements of the 1800's then she can teach me :-)

Anonymous said...

That's cool!

Check this out:


Joelle said...

Loved your list! :) I want to come hang out at your home school. Sounds like fun!