Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Bug! Part 2

Well, we got about 3" of snow last night, so you know what that means in Western Washington . . . SNOW DAY!!  Jason's parents (visiting from South Dakota) have been making fun of us all morning.

(We're only so wussy up here because of all the icy hills.  Really.)

Sadie has been having a blast this morning with the snow saucer we got her on clearance at Lowe's in January.  How cool that she's actually getting a chance to use it this winter!

And some still pics:

I hope you all are continuing to have a safe and happy winter!

1 comment:

vermonster said...

Tell Sadie to bring her saucer to VT...6-10" of snow expected tomorrow...rah! UGH!!!

Glad she's been able to embrace the flakes this winter...good for the soul :)