Friday, January 21, 2011

Book Space

As someone who scored seven new books for Christmas and has since purchased six more, and as someone who bought four bookshelves in the month of January alone, I could not resist getting this button from Cafe Press:

And since I've been obnoxiously and obsessively seeking out potential homes for my BFF in a desperate campaign to move her and her delightful family out west for waffles and bacon and general gemütlichkeit, I have been peeking at the interiors of many for-sale houses on-line.  And they all seem so bare and strange.  Then, I realized that nary a one I had viewed contained shelf after shelf after shelf of books.  Weird, huh?  Do people simply pack away their books when they place their houses on the market?  Is it because books are so personal and revelatory that they cannot bear to parade them before the eyes of strangers?  I'd like to think so; because, the alternative is too terrible to contemplate.

May your 2011 be filled with good books!


Arielle said...

Yay! Two months is too long without an update. Though, with all those new books, I guess I can understand a lack of time for anything as trivial as blogging. :)

vermonster said...

Finding an organized home for my books (rather than stacks here and there) is my project in the coming months.
Congrats on the new members of your library. They are most fortunate indeed!

Cris said...

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Joelle said...

Yeah, I think they do have to put away the books. Though I think a bookless house is a soulless house and it wouldn't hold much appeal for me. :(

Joelle said...

Justine, have you been to ?

Justine said...

Re. Oooh, Baby! Thanks, you naughty girl, you!

"I think a bookless house is a soulless house . . ." Well put. I wholeheartedly agree.

Another button I got at the same time as the book space one is a Spanish proverb: "Books are hindrances to persisting stupidity."

VM -- you're just going to organize them on your snazzy new digital reader, right? Like that could ever really replace the intoxicating combination of binding glue and paper mites. LOL! :-)