Thursday, April 15, 2010

If I Still Twittered (#1)

If I still Twittered, I might just now have posted something like this:

Ya gotta love Barnabas -- probably the only place on earth you can still call and get a busy signal!  LOL!


vermonster said...

Are you making plans for vacation? But that's not the only'd still get one at my house. Can't stand call waiting and don't have voice mail.
I wish you still twittered :(

Justine said...

See? That only goes to show that I do not call you nearly enough! :-)

Yepper-depper -- we're heading back up to Keats Island this July to experience more Arends awesomeness. I'm actually trying to call to see if they still have room for that session, as I think that maybe I could get a family from church to go up with us. It would be nice not to be the sole representatives of the Stars and Stripes up there in Maple Leaf territory, y'know?

Ah, Twitter! Self-indulgent and not nearly enough characters per tweet. ;-)